[Collaboration] Guidelines - Please read first!

:clipboard: Posting to find people to join your project

Please post as much as you can about your project. The more information you can give, the more likely other people would want to join :slight_smile:

We recommend the following template that can be copied and pasted:

**Project Name:** 
**Role Required:** 
**My Role:**
**My Previous Projects:** (N/A if none)
**Team Size:** 
**Project Length:** 
**Project Description:** 

Please only use one thread per project and only bump the thread every other week or so. Excessive posting/bumps will be merged.

:warning: Adding people to your project

Before adding people to your project as team members, please consider the following:

  1. You should only give somebody write or admin access to your project if you trust them. Don’t just add anybody at random (for example, if somebody you don’t know says they want to help you on your project).

  2. You can back up your projects, either using forking or by downloading your project.

  3. Use version control (checkpoints) to ‘save’ versions of the project that cannot be deleted. This will take up storage allocation so be mindful on larger projects.

  4. Antisocial behavior on PlayCanvas will not be tolerated. If we can verify somebody has abused another community member in some way, we won’t hesitate to ban that user.

:hammer: Tools to use for communication and task tracking

When working in a team, we recommend using communication services to work effectively together such as:

Keeping track of tasks/features to work on in the game can be done easily with

As always, have fun working with PlayCanvas and don’t forgot to show your progress in Work in Progress :tada: