Making a game and need help with scripting, 3d models and physics

Don’t forget to read and follow the guidelines :slight_smile:

Project Name: big bruh
Role Required: scripting/making models
My Role: owner
**Team Size:**only me
Project Length: 3 months
Compensation: None
Project Description: 3d game like karlson not done need help i want to add sliding and i want to make a online multiplayer game and i need a 3d among us model with skeleton and arms you dont need 2

@Riply_Sus can you please share link?

sure but it wanst working correctly then i mad a new one i dont have anything on it rn PlayCanvas | HTML5 Game Engine

i can help you my username @SUPER_ME

k lemme add you


did you have e-mail? mail me here

i got discord banana from Canada#0167