Angrycat land fps

Don’t forget to read and follow the guidelines :slight_smile:

Project Name: angrycat land
Role Required: programmer, artist
My Role: programmer
My Previous Projects: N/A
Team Size: 6
Project Length: 4 years
Compensation: None
Project Description: an fps game

i can probably help with the art and GUIs, depending on your tastes

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I don’t know how to add someone to my playcanvas game.


you can just follow these steps

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@Joshua_Clark thank you for adding me to your fps game, I will be able to help with most art you might need, such as graphics, or UI.

an in-game custom cursor ( in the menu ) would look nice.

alright! i can help with that.

Also, no offense, but your game looks really cluttered and disorganized at the moment, would you mind if I helped clean it up a bit?


check list
ui artist 1/5
programmer 1/5
3d modeling 0/5
translators 1/5