First person Shooter game With BuildMode

GO Bat Shi7´ crazy:slight_smile:

Project Name: First Person Building Mechanic
Roles Required: Programmer/Coder, Designer, artist.
My Role: Programmer/Coder
My Previous Projects: (EDITOR ONLY Best Fps Game)
Team Size Required: 4
Project Length: 3 months
Compensation: Full Consent to Use all of my Scipt
Project Description: The First Ever Building Game that has Fully Working First Person Shooter with points health collectables that give you points and Some that
Give you Health. Collision Name With a Highlight based grid System but you dont even need grid Highlight only need one grid shop script grenades rocket launcher full sounds ECT.

hello im a 3d modeler and map designer so i can do a few things

-cheers :your worst nightmar :wink:

hello, i can make GUIs relatively well, maybe you could consider hiring me

it’s been a year bro he might be dead at this point