Need help for further progression on Herbivore

Don’t forget to read and follow the guidelines :slight_smile:

Project Name: Herbivore
Role Required: Coder / Mapper
My Role: Designer
My Previous Projects: RockToss, Postman, walters asteroid
Team Size: 2
Project Length: about 6 months
Compensation: maybe some fun, expierence, a big share of nothing
Plattform android, browser
Project Description:
Herbivore is a life simulation without any violance,
grow, eat, build a house, plant a tree, become parrent … and hopefully have some fun while … Herbis have 5 skills (speed, agility, strength, vitaly, brains) and their age. you can train every skill somewhere in the city or by eating healthy food. Every skill has influence of some action the game. For example a high level in brains help you haggeling in the shops and you can plan more complex houses. If you underage are not permited to go into the casino or consume alcohol also. At least there are multiplayer matches in the sport arenas to compet against other player, Some games are for speed or agility or a mix of all of them…
Cause it’s about life after your Herbi grows old it will die, to conserve your improvement you have to find another player to hatch an egg. Both player will get a babyHerbi with a mix of the skills of both parents…

I already made the farm, 5 citys in 5 different regions with 28 shops each. And two sport facilities. There are 3 gender of Herbis with skill system and basic animations…
A day and night circle sycronised with server time and influence on the world.
I use PlayFab as backend with today 167 items and 5 ingame currencys…

If You’re interested to participate in any of the following topics, don’t hesitate DM me :slight_smile:

  • IO authentification ( facebook, google, hello or what ever )
  • Sewing minigame (racing game where you ride a sewing machine) should leave a seam like footprints, needs better controls. Prototype could be found in the taylors shop in every city…
  • Bee catching ( catch bees with a butterfly net ) a very plain prototype could be found in the bee-shop in every city…
  • world map travel from city to city, Blimpo needs better pathfinding, camera needs a kind of tweening or a complete new approach, Monsters need a some ai to attack or flee. For random encounter I want an old fashion fight menue but without heavy violance like fight, talk, bribe, flee. Take a look at the city gates or in the fast travel menue
  • theater (dance, play drums, piano or flute, acting, juggling) minigames
  • city make the blockmaps of the citys shiny
  • reduce draw calls (group entitys for better performance or any other idea :slight_smile: )
    I’ve planed for 3 facilitys with sports:
  • sumo ballance, push opponents from a planc (areana)
  • cone ball , knock opponets cones with a ball (arena)
  • bloon battle, hit your opponents with a water bomb baloon (arena & maze)
  • treasure hunt, collect more tokens than your opponents (arena & maze)
  • escape, be the first to find the way out of a maze (maze)
  • capture the flag, hide your flag in the maze and find the flags from your opponents first (maze)
  • race, run along a racetrack and finish first (racetrack)
  • race, reach goal on the world map (world map)

ai - need help with ai for the bots in every sports
multiplayer wan’t to implement multiplayer with PlayFab multiplayer
(arena and maze can be reached from the city gates and fast travel menue)
peform multiplayer at the theater (drums + piano + flute) togethet or rehearse a group a stay play


  • coffee shop should have a writing chat with PlayFab
  • Dinner should have a voice chat also with PlayFab

BR :cucumber:


Hi @Gurki,

I am a new coder I would love to work for you. (Got half term so I can be online alot)
Mapper? Do you mean like a map designer?

yes, Map Designer

city maps now look like this: (Blockmap)
an should look more like this: (primitive map)
and each city should have it’s own style…