Putting Together A Team

Don’t forget to read and follow the guidelines :slight_smile:

Project Name: Ball PlayerGrounds
Roles Required: Modelers, Music Composers, Programmers
My Role: Programmer, General Creator
My Previous Projects: N/A
Team Size: 4 (Including me)
Project Length: 3 months
Compensation: See footnotes.
Project Description: Ball PlayerGrounds is a multiplayer marble physics puzzle game set in a 3D environment in which you and other players must work together to reach an end goal. Packing two modes, Puzzle and Sandbox, the game will be able to account for different groups of players, and allow you to play based on your play-style. Eventually more modes will be added, such as a Competitive mode, where you will subjected to different minigames, such as Spleef, King Of The Hill, Capture The Flag, and Infection.

Footnotes (Compensation): I aim to publish this on the web and on mobile, and in the long run, we will be establishing ad-spaces in the game. No ad-spaces will impact a players experience. The revenue earned from ads will be split among the team members equally, potentially with a reserve of money used for things like our own ads in other apps.

Footnotes (Roles): Please provide examples of your work, past work and current. I will judge based on skill level. Only three people will be chosen, and those who wish to join MUST RESPOND BEFORE 6/20/2022, this gives you two weeks from the posting of this to respond. Those who respond will be compared with each-other based on what they can provide, as well as their work ethics and ability to collaborate with others. In the event that a team member leaves the project, all work they have given will be kept and their name will be kept in the credits.

Contact Methods: You can contact me in the replies for this thread, by direct message, or adding me on Discord (Gluttony#2614), I am in the PlayCanvas discord.

Send-off: I look forward to collaborating with those of you who join the team, thank you for reading.

i have a game like this PlayCanvas 3D HTML5 Game Engine
i can help you

If you are in need of a music composer, let me know! My username is @dubb1u.