Introduce yourself

Hi, I am Momo and I like to create new games.

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I am Thomas. I’m here in the glorious year of 2016 trying to figure out how to array. If anyone can direct me to the “do array” section of play canvas, that’d be great.


a) Something went wrong with the forum and this post is rather delayed
b) You might want to work on your dates first!
c) Your internet connection is very slow :wink:

Not sure what you mean “do array” - but if you need arrays in Javascript then I’d recommend a normal JS tutorial before you try to get to grips with a game engine. this is good.

A mail from the past? does playcanvas support space travels? Where is the tutorial? :wink:

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Hi my name is Filmon H Abraha and I just found out about PlayCanvas today.

My reasons for trying it
I like that I can work on it no matter where I am and for me that means building momentum.

There’s the added benefit of learning more JavaScript which means a ton of transferable knowledge for career development.

What I plan to build
I’ll be building a learning game for my children. Essentially learning to read Tigrinya. Simple touch interaction with sound should do it.

Looking forward to support
Illustrations of characters attached. I hope I can get some support from the community I just know I can build a really awesome Portfolio piece ^^


I’m starting a dev journey on this project if anyone one wants to watch me work/fail/cry/laugh etc

Hey folks! I’m Tobias, a freelancing game programmer. I do a bit of everything - UI, shaders, networking, VR/AR stuff, you name it - but if I had to pick a specialization, it would probably be gameplay.

I usually use Unity/C#, but for my current project users should be able to play a WebGL game on mobile devices. Unity’s WebGL runs better than it did a year ago, but still doesn’t even want to start on mobile. The game has levels, so I definitely wanted a good editor, and of all the WebGL engines I checked, PlayCanvas’ editor looks best. So here I am now, using the opportunity to learn new things!

Hey everyone!

I am Kevan, a Linux OS developer. I generally work on backend servers and web platforms, doing the needed work to create OS platforms from the ground up for various applications. Setting up LAMP stacks is rather normal for me, and I’ve done quite a bit of work within website development and UI… but the concept of using that platform for gaming seemed like an intriguing one!

I’m here to try and see about redoing an older multiplayer game that has a good fanbase as something of a side project/hobby. The current status of the old game is driving me nuts and I’m finding it more fun to work on making a new version of it… than actually playing it…

I’ll be asking some pretty basic questions most likely (as my background is not in this field)… but I hope I can learn a lot and meet some new people in the process!

Thanks in advance for the help/tips, see ya’ll in the forums!

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I’m Matt, and I’m Lead Tech Artist at Ninja Theory Been in the games industry for 17 years, started out as an animator and now do a bunch of stuff mainly around character set up, facial/body anim/deformation systems, motion capture pipelines, tool development using Python for Maya (our main authoring package).

Found PlayCanvas as a teaching resource for a local code club I’m involved in, having a lot of fun playing around with it!


Hi @matts! Welcome to the PlayCanvas community. :slight_smile: I actually know Nina, Mike and Tameem from when they formed Just Add Monsters (they used RenderWare at the time and I was their contact at Criterion Software). Ninja Theory really is a superb studio! Really keen to see what you create in PlayCanvas. Would love to get your feedback on how we can make it better too!

Wow really is a small world, Kung Fu Chaos was my first job! Still can’t listen to Everyone Loves Kung Fu Fighting… Did a bit pre-production on Heavenly Sword before doing a stint at Sony & Guerrilla, then came back to NT as Enslaved was ramping up.
Good times!

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Hi! I’m Gabriel from Argentina.
I’m developer and partner at CodingMonkey. I come to playcanvas to make interactive Arch Viz for web!

Regards =)


Hello, I’m Marc, also known as Omniscient22 online. I own a 3D product configurator development company in Minneapolis. I’m not formally a programmer, but work closely with our programmers and modelers.

Looking forward to using PlayCanvas to bring new projects to life.

Hi @omniscient22 - welcome! If you are interested to see some already published PlayCanvas-powered product configurators, check out:

Might provide you with some inspiration! :smile:

I just joined, I’m somewhat of a beginner with code, I used to use Flash a lot and was so disappointed when it dissolved. I think SCG combined with JS could get me what I want but much harder for me. I saw Flash as the Visual Basic of CSS/JS/SVG.
My first goal is to make a face with SVG parts that moved independantly with device tilting. Let’s say we tilt it to the left and the left eye closes, animated as opposed to instant, tilt forward and mouth opens, tilt right and the nose gets big, tilt back and the face changes color, turn and combos of all effects. I have not seen anything like this of all the neat effects I have found. I just discovered my new HP Spectre laptop has an accelerometer so I really want to play with the 3D controls. I’m a big fan of threejs and play with the code they make.
Anyone have a demo of accelerometer controlling SVG? Thanks much!
R.L Hamm

Hey, and welcome!

This game is using the accelerometer to control the rocket on supported browsers/devices:

Thanks for replying, I had mixed luck with that game, this is what I tried:
HP Spectre (yes, it has an accelerometer) Windows 10 Chrome, the scene loads with rocket but won’t play, instructions don’t show, MS Edge & IE both work, instructions shows some text as X’s and small pics on right not showing. Android: Chrome, Puffin, Stock Internet browser, Firefox I get black screen and 404. I looking for a good demo of Canvas or SVG objects that stretch, rotate, animate in some way based on tilt of device. I need to see the syntax of how that works.
Thanks much!
R,L, Hamm

My Name Is Nathan Hawkins and i love Game Developing, I came to PlayCanvas to try something new in the game engine/program area for fun and so far its been a fun ride, and im a nobody in here ^^ Lol jk.

Hi, my name is Maurizio Margiotta from Czech Republic.
I’ve been coding for more than 30 years (doing silly games on Commodore64 when I was 6).
I coded in many languages and I have an extensive knowledge of JS.
I’ve been working with Unity very intensively during last 4 years, and I’m now moving to PlayCanvas.
So far is very enjoyable, and I hope to contribute soon by adding more features, samples, and documentation.

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I’m Seth from the United States. I started out programming games in scratch at age 10, and I’ve been coding ever since! I’m a college student, and I’ve used Unity and Unreal extensively and experimented with other engines such as Godot and Cocos2d, but eventually came to Playcanvas. I’m new to web development, but I really like the idea of coding games that anyone can see with a few clicks in a web browser.

Always open to advice and tips.
Thanks! :smile: