Mena: Learn Tigrinya

Accomplishments so far
So far so good. I’ve managed to learn how to:

  • Create a box and put a picture texture on it
  • Move the camera on mouse event LEFT click
  • Play sound

Those are some serious leaps for me believe it or not lol.

Next Steps
Now I’ll Design the User Experience based on that fundamental limitation and ship.
It’s all about shipping baby ^^

Cheers friends,

I’ve been wondering why these Forums are so quiet. This product, so far, is absolutely mind blowing. Maybe everyone’s too busy working lol


Yay, great start! You’re right to start small, and learn incrementally. Looking forward to seeing your project evolve! :smiley:

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Thanks Will ^^ will have a UX update soon here

Economy of Interaction
Just as money is a limited currency, for most of us anyways ^^, so is interaction.
The Tigrinya language has 100+ letters so each click has to mean something personal for the child/user.

1 click and sound for letter as well as a word associated with the letter with image of course. That way each click is rewarding; even if it will be some 100+ clicks ^^

Ideally I would want them to click each letter in any order that they want but I don’t know how to do that yet but am open to being schooled.

Cheers friends


  • Camera move every click (translate on x +10)
  • Created background and floor

Next Steps:

  • Create one family (7 letters with 7 words)
  • Keep reading until I learn something new to apply


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I need your help. I’m a beginner and beginners always suffer from lack of perspective and oversight.

What should I be learning now? Let me know and I’ll read up, learn and report back as I continue my journey here.

Your direction is really important to me! Thanks in advance Will!

Can you tell me a little bit more about where you feel you are lacking in knowledge? For example, do you want to improve your JavaScript skills? Do you want to know more about the PlayCanvas API? The Editor interface? Something else?

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Thanks for response Will!

For example: I saw the Tweening.js on github and put it in my project as a script but couldn’t utilize it. Does that mean I need to read up on JavaScript or something else?

I also don’t know where to start with regards to getting a click mouse event to work on an object and not the whole screen.

I’m not sure where the knowledge gap is but I promise you if you point me in the right direction I will build an awesome App! It’s the least I can do in honor of this amazing Product called PlayCanvas!

Update on this project! I’ve found an easier starting place for me since this is my first time trying to create a game of any kind lol.

I’m doing a small project in Game Maker Studio 2. Someone on told me that they made their game in that software so and I checked it out and really liked it’s simplicity.

I’ll be back to PlayCanvas soon I’m sure! The fact that it’s a web based engine is still mind boggling but getting started, at least for my level, is a real effort. Once I learn enough game mechanics and simple scripting I’ll come back and hopefully create something cool.

Also, the forums don’t seem as lively here as they do in Game Maker Studio 2 or DEFOLD which was the first engine I tried and it was cool but still too hard to tame for a beginner like me. Their Forums kept me going until I realized my knowledge gap was too large for the game I was wanting to build so I transitioned from DEFOLD to PlayCanvas.

I think a set of Tutorials for each category of games and a lively Forum would make PlayCanvas better. Game Jams might be something to help with engagement.

Cheers friends,

Yeah I understand that learning coding is a big step, my only issue with GM is that it’s language is proprietary and won’t give you highly transferrable skills - there are also a huge number of powerful Javascript libraries and open source projects that you can bring to bear on your developments in PlayCanvas. All in all this is a more serious undertaking if you go that route, though I’d argue a more generally beneficial one. Most programming comes with “Aha” moments :slight_smile:

It is a shame that the PC forums are quiet, there are a lot of users. I know I’m involved here because of the Game Jam I did in my first week trying out PlayCanvas.

I’d be happy to outline the steps required for different kinds of game if that helped.

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I think a set of Tutorials for each category of games and a lively Forum would make PlayCanvas better. Game Jams might be something to help with engagement.

As the engine is open source, a lot of us tends to look at source code to work out how something works. The general programming queries (like pat finding) are usually answered elsewhere (e.g stackoverflow).