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I’m Enrique, game designer and coder at We make casual html5 games. I’d like to produce multiplayer and/or 3D games soon.


Hello All,
My name is Mudassir and I am a 3d artist with 8 years of Experience creating 3d both Highpoly and Lowpoly modeling, Texturing and Lighting.


Hello, my name is Dylan Hudson and i’m new to coding and designing video games. I’m currently in school and designing a Tsunami VR showing the destructive force of Tsunamis and better ways to be prepared for them. Thank You for reading and have a good day.


Hi, My name is John. I’m a semi-retired electrical engineer and I’m interested in creating some public content but still unsure about taking the plunge in 3D or developing in 2D (eg. Scratch).
I’m excited by the fact that I can create multiple projects up to 200MB but really don’t have a sense for what is achievable within this limit.
The sort of projects I’d like to produce would be small and quick to load like:
iPhone 6 project
However it is not apparent to me how many projects like this I could create within the 200MB limit.
The editor shows file sizes for models but doesn’t seem to give me a total for all assets in a project. Is this easy to discover?
Thanks in anticipation of a reply.


Hi, my name is Karlos. I am a college student and I’m interested in majoring in game design and development. I thought this would be a great place to start learning about the many aspects of game design. I am excited to dive right in and learn from the best.


Hi @Ron_Heed - you can go to your account page to see your current disk usage. You can also multiselect asset in your project to see a total size for the selection in the Inspector panel.


Hi @will, Thanks for telling me about multiselect and the Inspector panel :smiley:


Hello all, My name is Linda, Dutch living in Germany. I am a Second Life / OpenSim designer, creator, landscaper, i install 3d virtual worlds and manage the world and server for others if they want one but dont know how to, i do create websites for them all just as a hobby and mostly for friends all around the world. I am a virtual fashion designer, using Blender, Daz and marvelous designer, and ArtRage. I do not use photoshop because in rl i am an artist making very very realistic paintings. I create avatars/characters also in Blender using the Avastar Plug-in, so humans and animals or any other thing incl animations in bvh format also in Blender. I build lanscapes skyboxes houses and other buildings incl rl replica’s and i have even build the titanic and a part of the center of Amsterdam incl Red light districts with npc pole dancers and so on.
Si now i am trying to take it a step further because i believe many people could benefit from an easy accessible 3d virtual world where people can socialize…something like a 3d facebook world where you can virtually meet your friends and family, so no other persons that you dont know unless you choose to, and can chat, have fun, explore play and so on.But…not even sure if that is possible and if so i probably cant make it lol…but hey i am learning…and having fun in the meantime :slight_smile:


Hello, my name is Henry. I go by En929 or En9292 on game development sites. I’m new to PlayCanvas. I started out as a 2D game developer and have been in search of a 3D game engine; preferable web based so that I won’t have to take my laptop or computer everywhere I go. Instead, I could just continue working on my projects anywhere there is an internet connection. Thus, that’s what I like about this. Anyway, I was pretty decent at 2D game development and now I’m trying to learn 3D. I consider myself to be a beginner and am still learning. So, I’ll come to this site if I have any questions.


Welcome Henry, enjoy this new experience.


Hi I’m Steven, and I’m a beginner coder, I hope to get better at it within time, I’m 14 and I want to make really good games when i grow up. :slight_smile: I think PlayCanvas is a really good idea, and I also think it will help me get better at coding! I also need huge help programming currently…


i am a product design (real product, not digital) and by googling around since a while, looking for a user friendly webgl configurator, I finally join the playcanvas community.

As a designer, I dream to find a tools where I can display my idea to the client with all the configuration (color, finish…) in one click. Not sure playcanvas is the place to do so, sounds like more for coder than simple user, but I will give it a try.


I am a 3ds Max pro (questionably) and used to post work on for my clients, who need educational material for colleges. Verold had a very good browser based editor, enabling me to import and organise delineated sequences of animations and camera moves, along with on-screen text for each. As you know, Verold closed sometime ago (my work featured on their welcoming pages) and the guy who ran it recently recommended playcanvas as compatible with my needs. With that in mind, will I be able to bring in work like this from Max, (see video links below) with a very similar level of interactivity that Verold provided? Or will I have to start learning new programmes like Unity?

Hydraulic braking system

Coffee machine



Welcome to PlayCanvas. We know some guys from Verold, it is sad to see WebGL powered tools to go.

And indeed, PlayCanvas would fit your needs, as there are developers with exact same application types as yours - interactive product visualization.
Although, you will need to do some coding to add interactions. Good place to start with some tutorials: And if you need to get some JavaScript coding skills, I usually recommend CodeAcademy:


Wonderful, thanks for the welcome and the advice Max. Are there any good examples on here that show off the particular kind and range and complexity of interactive product visualization I am after? I would be grateful if you could point me to them.


There are few, very complex big apps, about to be released in near future, but I cannot share them yet.

Perfect example probably is this one:

There are more simpler ones as simple examples:
Gun Customizer:
BMW i8:
Slot machine:

And many others, can’t find link to right now :slight_smile:


That’s great. Two final questions if I may, before I start immersing myself in all of this;

  1. The example you gave here - - I take it that’s not using the ‘complex big apps’, but rather an example of the state of play atm, yes?

  2. Do you have a proposed release date?

  3. Will there be any chances for user beta tests of these new apps?



That is not “complex” no. Just one of examples of our users product visualizations.

Cannot give any details on those.


Hi. I’m the founder of Moonwards, a project to create a virtual world that traces the evolution of colonies on the Moon. It is at a very early stage right now. We have the beginnings of several scenes showing advanced colonies.

Right now those scenes are hosted on SketchFab. I want to move them over to PlayCanvas over the next month or so. I have done a lot of work on learning how to model in Blender, but have done almost nothing with game engines. For now all i need to do is figure out how to put the annotations the scenes have in Sketchfab on the PlayCanvas versions. Once the models have been worked on more, the designs are more fleshed out, and a few more things have been added to the website, then it will be time to start animating everything, set up the physics, do proper materials and lighting, and add interactivity. That is several months away.

I am impressed with everything i see here. We have made it policy to do everything with open source tools and services if possible. PlayCanvas looks like a great fit. We have lots of work to do before we will be able to take proper advantage of it. For now we are exploring.


It is fascinating to see worthy applications being made with PlayCanvas.

If you will need any questions, feel free to ask, and check out Tutorials in developer area for examples including floating clickable bubbles and stuff:

Looking forward to see your progress!