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Also regarding Sprite Atlases :heart::

1. When updating a Sprite Atlas, would it be possible to have it compare >frame-names< from existing Sprite Assets to the provided JSON data to update the previously created Sprite Assets depending on the Sprite Atlas? Updating a Atlas and refreshing with the new data works as long as the asset is in the correct order it seems.

2. Adding a button to automatically generate a Sprite Asset for each frame in the Atlas with the same asset name as the frame-name.


I love you guys!
Everything I want is just there… and working :smiley:


Can entity selection time be improved? It takes over a second to switch between selected entities on a simple scene like this:


It takes considerably longer with more complex objects and scenes to the point of being quite annoying because of how sluggish it is.

From a brief overview of the execution I’d say the DIY approach to everything inside the editor, although somewhat admirable and definitely really fun, is biting you guys in the ass ^^. The clearPanel itself takes already way too much time for the editor be be responsive and that’s mostly just the DOM stuff and event unbinding. The rest, which is what happens when those emits fire is actually even more troubling since it spirals into about a bazillion calls ._.


Hi! Yeah we are aware of this, it used to be OK but as we kept adding more and more components it became worse. We have it in our roadmap to improve this though, thanks for reporting!

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