PlayCanvas Editor Feedback



Loving the editor, lots of good stuff!

This is related to the Code Editor.

We feel that it is currently missing a Go To Line shortcut, would it be possible to extend the awesome Go To Anything with that? Or is this an existing functionality that we have missed?

Would love to split tabs as well but guessing that’s a completetly different animal than adding a go to line implementation!

Regards, O


Hello :slight_smile: We can add a feature request in our roadmap for this, I don’t believe we currently have this.


Sounds great! :slight_smile:
Thank you Vaios!


Three things the UI could use is highlights that aren’t dark on dark
and a list view with the ability to drag the text out like Windows explorer

The other is an undo for folder deletion, it’s a real headache when combined with the dark on dark selections.
Can’t always back up a huge project daily and then restore, the drive space issues and time involved is a little killer when dealing with Gigs.



With the latest version of playcanvas (1.4.0) we noticed some issues with the game we are working on. Since we are late enough in production we can just set a default version of the engine for us to use instead. What I want to suggest, however, is the inclusion of a dropdown either next to the buttons in the included screen shot, or when hovering over the play button, where we can select the version of the engine to launch with, say, the last 10 official builds or something.


And an even bigger dream would be to be able to run the editor in the specific version so we do not accidentally use features not available in the engine.

I know it is possible to add the engine version to the url ourselves, it would just be a nice way to streamline the launch process of the game.

Thanks! :slight_smile:


You can go use a custom version of the engine via the method here:

Not perfect, but should help tide you over :slight_smile:


Yep, thanks, I already addressed that approach in my previous post, and it is what we have done previously. It would just be nice to be able to not have to add it manually every time we launch it again.


That’s what I get for reading posts between compiles :rofl:


Apologies for the regression in 1.4.0. I’ve reverted a change which seems to be the one causing problems. Please try with 1.4.1 and see if this fixes your issue?

Unfortunately, providing previous versions is often not possible as changes are synchronized between the editor, backend systems and engine.


Hi, unfortunately it did not. We do not really have the time to investigate the cause unfortunately, but if I had to make a guess as to what might be causing our issues, it seems like tweens or the tweenmanager and it’s timer(s) are running delayed or just not very smoothly.

Also dissapointing to not be able to use older versions via the editor, but not completely unexpected. Thanks anyway! :slight_smile:


List VIew,These tiny icon names are killing me on complex projects.
This has to be the only Editor I use that lacks that. The lack of this is really slowing us down compared to Unity and Unreal.

  1. New sprite Editor is great, but it would be nice to be able move around by mouse, currently, when you have a lot of small pieces in Atlas, you have to scroll to navigate somewhere.

  2. We are still unable to download sprite.
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New sprite Editor is great, but it would be nice to be able move around by mouse, currently, when you have a lot of small pieces in Atlas, you have to scroll to navigate somewhere.

Hold Shift to pan around in the Sprite Editor?


Thanks Dave, but it’s not so obvious, as for me.


First off, it’s great to have sprites now in playcanvas!

Some feedback on the functions @dave

  • What’s really missing for us is the option to update the image for the Sprite Atlas without having to create a completely new atlas. **(see below)
    Are there any better methods for that or are we missing something?

  • Another thing we noticed when using animated spritesheets is that the atlas can’t properly divide images outside of power of two, for example an image with 512px * 512px with a column of 5 in 2 rows => this will give jittering animations.

  • (edit) quick note: i updated the TexturePacker today and now Playcanvas can’t read the .json file anymore (when trying to import it in the atlas window). I reverted to an older version and it works again.

Here’s a more indepth explanation of the atlas-update problem:
We’re working on a game right now where we’d like to use sprites because of their reliable draw order (the last project we had to use normal images and it was really a pain to get the z-sorting right).
But since we have to use the Atlas in order to get sprites in PC it’s a pain when we have to update the sprites every time, we want to update the atlas base image or add/remove another sprite.
This is not a problem for images in a grid - like animated spritesheets - but for sprites we use as static images because they have very different sizes and don’t work in a grid.


You can update the atlas image by ticking Create Atlases in the Settings under Asset Tasks and then uploading an image with the same name. That checkbox tells Playcanvas to create texture atlas assets when uploading images so when you upload an image with the same name as the atlas you are trying to replace this will just replace that image.


Awesome, @vaios, thanks a lot!
Works like a charm :slight_smile: Is there a reason why this isn’t the default option for atlases?


Do you mean create atlases by default? Usually when people upload images then need Texture Assets not Texture Atlas Assets to be created for them. We could perhaps say that if there is no Texture with that name but there is a Texture Atlas then replace the Atlas regardless of the Create Atlases setting but we need to think about it.


Yes, that’s basically what I meant :slight_smile: I think that would also be consistent with how e.g. materials work, where the image (as diffuse map for example) is a reference and not an instance that has to be updated separately.


I agree with stan, having it replace existing Texture Atlases if the file name is the same makes more sense as default. It could also be a separate option and named differently. :slight_smile:

Another editor feedback:
Is there a way to quickly navigate to the “location” of a specific asset found via searching in the assets? Or at least show the location on mouse-over? ( This makes sense when updating an asset in a project someone else has set up. )

Best regards, O