Error with audio context

How guys doing my name is joshua my dream is to be one of the gam dev ever !
For the frist week everything was going fine untill BANG! into wall.

Playcanvas says it will not run my code and everything is right it just that
inside my browser console autocontext is turned off.

Type; debuging

playcanvas-stable.dbg.js:414 Powered by PlayCanvas 1.13.0 22d0ade
playcanvas-stable.dbg.js:18887 The AudioContext was not allowed to start. It must be resumed (or created) after a user gesture on the page.
SoundManager @ playcanvas-stable.dbg.js:18887
messenger.js:80 messenger connected

Some browsers have now disallowed audio being played until there is a user interaction (eg a mouse click on the page). Commonly this is solved by having a button to start the game that the user must click on.

Do you have a public link to the project that you can share?

i think this may could be

Which project has the issue?

it is says joshua Merritt and im trying to make the cube move right but it will not let me.

Fixed version:

Looks like you had some problems with script syntax so I fixed it up to show you what it should look like.

It looks like you were looking at some documentation for the older legacy scripting system based on the code you wrote. If the URL of the page you are looking at has the word legacy in the path, don’t use it as it is now outdated.

I also recommend looking at the tutorials section as they have lots of sample code to look at.

i had been looking at old code from YouTube on how to do it well thank you form your help