PlayCanvas Editor Feedback

Use this thread to give us feedback on the new PlayCanvas Editor…


Anxious to give it a try. Once I finish with my current project (85% done), I’ll perform the 2.0 work with the new editor. Does it support PBR too?

is it possible to rearrange the menus?

will try to get some work done in it tonight :smiley: looks great

+1 how to access PBR, parallax corrected envmaps, etc.?

@r2d2 The new Editor is essentially the same functionality as the old one currently. As such, the PBR workflow is not yet further developed. That’s next on the agenda. Some work on the material editor should be done this week.

@Mate Rearrange the menus how exactly? Parallax corrected cube maps only went into the engine last Friday. We need to deploy that and then build the editor UI. It’s coming!

Thank you Will…

At first glance it looks like it might be possible to dock/undock/float palettes like in photoshop for example.

It’s probably worth pointing out some new things that you might like:

  • Materials now preview as thumbnails throughout the interface
  • If you press SPACE, all the panels collapse away
  • We’ve added a fly cam. Use right mouse button to look and WASD to fly (and Q and E to move up and down)
  • You no longer have to press ALT to orbit the camera. Just left click and drag.
  • We’ve added very cool drag and drop functionality where if you drag and asset, the parts of the interface you can drag the item to will higlight.
  • The cubemap editor is now drag and drop.
  • You can edit texture properties.
  • If you select a model, it shows all of the mesh instances in the Inspector and you can drill down into the material and then the textures and edit anything.
  • Editor loads WAY faster.
  • Editor now works correctly in Chrome OS, Opera and IE. Previously, pressing ALT to cam orbit meant that bad stuff would happen (menus would show etc because ALT was a reserved key in those browsers)
  • It’s way, way prettier! (IMHO but I want your feedback!!!)

There’s lots of other cool stuff. That’s a quick brain dump.

I’m liking the look of it so far, though not had much chance to use it yet.

I’m working on a joint project with someone, I am registered for the Beta but he is not, so when I enable this editor he gets {“error”:true,“status”:403,“message”:“not allowed”} and can’t use the editor at all (new or old)

@Lizzip, can you try getting him to log out and log back in again? Hopefully, that’ll fix it.

Ah yeah that fixed it Dave, thanks!

This is a nice editor, but I would like if when you click the bar of an entity in the navigator it will just select that entity. Right now you have to click on the name of the entity in the bar to inspect it. Other than that, I am liking this new editor a lot more than the old one.

Thanks for feedback. Do you man by clicking anywhere horizontally on the row of entity rather just the name? Like clicking on the left side of entity name makes no effect currently and you would like it to select it?

We’ve noticed that little UX bit, as well as selected entity not highlighted by full width row. Might be changed sometime in future :smile:

Found a bug.

If I change a script in an entity, all other scripts attached in other entities will also be changed.

If it’s the same script (as in it has the same name e.g script.js) then it’s just how it works. It’s updated anywhere it’s used. When you think about it doesn’t make sense to do it any other way.

My issue with the Editor is that it seems it is now impossible to refresh script attributes from locally hosted code. The Designer let’s you do it (somewhat) if you know how to bypass same origin policy but with the Editor it’s not possible at all - there’s just no button for it. Ideally CORS or JSONP (whatever is easier for you to implement - trivial either way) should be used to retrieve and run the scripts from localhost.

Also wanted to point out that I think the Editor looks fantastic. Great job overall, slick look, feels faster all around. I like it a lot.

Found a bug.

If I change a script in an entity, all other scripts attached in other entities will also be changed.

Yes this is a bug - It’s fixed and will be deployed soon :slight_smile:

Currently you cannot refresh script attributes when you’re running a local server. We will fix that eventually, we’d just like to improve the local workflow in general so it’s all simpler and nicer.

I work/use my computer with a Wacom tablet and as such, there is no “mouse wheel”. Would it be possible to request an option to edit the keyboard shortcuts to map it to different keys? If too much work, a menu option to zoom out? Focusing on something is not difficult: Select entity and “F”. It is only when I want to zoom out and see more of the scene that it is an issue.

I think I might have come across a bug.

Was messing around with the new editor when the plane I was working with disappeared. I did notice the rotation X and Y now display: [Object] instead of “0”. I’m going to leave this project as if for a little bit, in case it helps.

Let me know if when I can go back messing around with it.