PlayCanvas Editor Feedback


Is the PlayCanvas Editor opensource?


I don’t think so, but am not sure. There is an API though.


Unfortunately, no. Source is viewable and public, but not open source.



Let me start by saying the PlayCanvas Editor seems like a terrific tool. I’m looking into using it for client work, it really cuts down on dev time.

I have a few points that would improve the tool for me:

  • I want to be able to scroll in an input field to increase/decrease the numeric value
  • I want to be able to disable select on an entity in the scene (pinning / locking)
  • I want to be able to define the details (segments, rows, columns) of a cylinder, sphere, etc. Current cylinder is too low poly for my use-cases.

Most importantly:

Oh and of course:

  • Prefabs :wink: