Introduce yourself


Hello, I’m a coding enthusiast, yet an amateur. I have a free account now, and wish to know more about this open source engine. I have tried many of the previously made games here, but many unfortunately failed in the browser window.


Try this one: also if you need help with coding try khanacademy: or codecademy


Those 2 are great but the main problem is that its too outdated
I would recommend Tutorials point because it’s up to date. very useful for 100+ languages. Uses a Built-in IDE for practice. Teaches you step by step on how to set up your language for your computer. Etc

Plus it’s free. an account is required for some things like a Q&A


Nice! havent heard of this one yet thanks for telling us! Btw can you help with something? or are you busy?goto this topic if you can @SHADOWELITE7


very busy atm. my javascript skills aren’t as strong as they used to be.


Hello, i’m javad, server side programmer (node.js\php) trying to get experience about the UDP and realtime game server ( also everythings about a game can do in backend :smiley: ).
my last work and projects : (github)


Hello, I’m Ryan. I’ve been using Playcanvas for while now. I’ve gotten very good in coding. Started out using Unity. I switched to Playcanvas for projects that have to be shown in class. I now use it for a few projects including my more better known project, /\ PolyBrawl /\ .Playcanvas has given me a chance to show many people what I’m capable of. I’m currently looking for anyone who may want to join development for PolyBrawl. If you want to join, reply back to me.

Link to PolyBrawl


Hi ,my name is MarkoZivkovicand l am 33 year old male- Originally from Mexico, living in Orange County, California.I want to improve my memory to achieve career goals, manage information to make better decisions.
My goal is to learn the skills for work.