Introduce yourself


Hello, I’m a coding enthusiast, yet an amateur. I have a free account now, and wish to know more about this open source engine. I have tried many of the previously made games here, but many unfortunately failed in the browser window.


Try this one: also if you need help with coding try khanacademy: or codecademy


Those 2 are great but the main problem is that its too outdated
I would recommend Tutorials point because it’s up to date. very useful for 100+ languages. Uses a Built-in IDE for practice. Teaches you step by step on how to set up your language for your computer. Etc

Plus it’s free. an account is required for some things like a Q&A


Nice! havent heard of this one yet thanks for telling us! Btw can you help with something? or are you busy?goto this topic if you can @SHADOWELITE7


very busy atm. my javascript skills aren’t as strong as they used to be.