[TUTORIAL] RayCasting

I made a short video on how to make a square change to a random color when you click on it using raycasting in Playcanvas. This is a bit of a test video to get a feel of making tutorials again.

I show the raycasting documentation and explain a bit about how raycasting works - rather rushed so I was able to get the video be under 10 minutes. (These are the types of videos I usually watch)

Been a long time since I last did a tutorial and seems like Playcanvas needs more recent video tutorials on it so thought i’d give it a try. Was pretty nervous making this and after about 10 takes managed to complete it.

Please let me know the bad and good if you watch it so I know what to change to make it more helpful for others!

Also let me know if there’s anything you would like made into a video and i’ll add it to the list :slight_smile:



Great video, I enjoyed it :heart:

About the nervousness, maybe some deep breaths and some mindfulness meditation might help :pray:

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Great tutorial! If the time is a factor, I would consider not recording yourself fully typing out the code and show chunks of code at a time to explain.


Thanks @kungfooman!
The more i make the less nervous i’ll get for sure. Meditation could also help and I’ll give that a try this weekend before the next one :slight_smile:

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Thanks for the advice!
Apologies for not responding to your message but I was contemplating how to incorporate your idea - and I believe it worked! :slight_smile:

There is more pressure when you have to do everything in one take.
But if you make whole thing once off recording, then you can write down the clear plan. Then you can split it into sections, and record them separately. This will help, as you know you can retake sections, and it is easier paced as time is not constraint such way.
Plus you can then speedup some parts, and talk over them.

I guess editing will take way more time that way, but hey, making tutorials - helps you learn too! :slight_smile:


Yesss you’re right about the one off recording. For this i wanted to do it all atnonce but found it easier to break it up into sections and rerecord even just the audio when i slurred my words. I’ll give recording the entirety of the tutorial in one shot next time to have a base lining for what the whole video will be and rerecord the sections.

Yeah i spent just as much time editing as i did recording! Perhaps i should spend more to make it more refined :slight_smile:

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