[TUTORIAL] RayCasting


I made a short video on how to make a square change to a random color when you click on it using raycasting in Playcanvas. This is a bit of a test video to get a feel of making tutorials again.

I show the raycasting documentation and explain a bit about how raycasting works - rather rushed so I was able to get the video be under 10 minutes. (These are the types of videos I usually watch)

Been a long time since I last did a tutorial and seems like Playcanvas needs more recent video tutorials on it so thought i’d give it a try. Was pretty nervous making this and after about 10 takes managed to complete it.

Please let me know the bad and good if you watch it so I know what to change to make it more helpful for others!

Also let me know if there’s anything you would like made into a video and i’ll add it to the list :slight_smile:


Introduce yourself

Great video, I enjoyed it :heart:

About the nervousness, maybe some deep breaths and some mindfulness meditation might help :pray:


Great tutorial! If the time is a factor, I would consider not recording yourself fully typing out the code and show chunks of code at a time to explain.


Thanks @kungfooman!
The more i make the less nervous i’ll get for sure. Meditation could also help and I’ll give that a try this weekend before the next one :slight_smile: