Introduce yourself


Thanks Will!
I created a tutorial last weekend and am looking to do one this weekend too. (See Here)
I Created a pull request on awesome-playcanvas with a link to my playlist too :slight_smile:


Hello everyone,

translated to english, I’d be Georg. I’m making games for more than 40 years, Starting with board- and cardgames. Getting my first computer in the early 80ths, I made a few viedeo games additionaly. During univerity I was very intersted in game theory. Than I mostly designed maps and mods for our favourite games for the next LAN party. For 2 years I was running my own card game company. Last game I wrote back at the start of the century with AGS (Adventure Game Studio) and now to learn the engine my little Postman game. As a mechanical engineer I do 3D design all the time.
Next I’ll do a small new year eve game for a contest on a popular game forum.
I’m planing to make a f2p game with playcanvas next year. (if my wife allows me :-)).
You’ll have to grow animal like creatures of 3 gender (elephant, bird, turtle) compete against each other an trade resources, and develop your place… nothing new so far?
The basic idea is that each Animal has a kind of DNA, you meet another player from another gender (for example Bird and turtle) and both player get a elephant-egg to hatch of combined DNA. So you can breed stronger, faster and better animals for the Tounaments. ( I Like the Hogs game, verry much, so I would like to make an arena this style, games like last man standing with waterbombs, collecting more nuts than the enemy in 5 minutes, a.s.o)
sorry for spaming,Sometimes I’m overexited