Introduce yourself


Hi there, Oyvind, working from norway. My skillset is orignally designer & web developer, however worked as product manager the last few years, and currently researching Playcanvas as a component for a possibly large project.


Hello! I Am Angel Esquivias (MicroStudios Head) i am the founder of microstudios and i plan to make a shooter and publish to nearly all the platforms i can think of! I am a very young dev and dream to become a real dev! I Am starting small by using PlayCanvas. :slight_smile:


Hi! I am Zagrava, a dreamy gamedev, who is trying to create his own project right now. In the past, I was working on it without using any game engines but quickly figured out, that if you work on a game engine you simply have no time to work on the game itself. Now I am going to try to use Playcanvas and it seems like it will finally give me the power, freedom and time to release my multimode arcade game, as I call it. :smiley:


Greetings from Mike. I am new to coding and Playcanvas but many years in professional CGI, video production, and some 3D interactive. Like so many here, I’m looking to learn, grow and create. Thanks in advance for being here as a community and in support and I hope to connect with many of you through this forum.


Hi there. PlayCanvas is one of the options I’m exploring in order to make a “bigger” HTML5 game. As for now, after downloading typescript definitions it seems the engine could work well with my/ours nees :).

The background is programming / game design / management.


Microstudios as in Microsoft gaming studios


Hi everyone

I am a 3D graphics developer working on mainly commercial and B2B projects.
I have been programming for 36 years and can program on a wide range of platforms and in various languages. I have worked on game consoles, web sites (client and server-side), low-level serial programming, mobile apps, embedded microcontrollers and 3D graphics.
My most recent developments have been in VR and am THRILLED to see WebVR support in PlayCanvas.

I look forward to PlayCanvas’ success and growth. A fine fine product.



Hello everyone, I am John and aka mr.x. I have done business consulting (business systems analysis and software design) for several years, basically am an old hack!
I came here looking for a good solution for my Crypto currency project, we need to create a casino and a lot of just for fun games. Im an old gamer so this is just fun for me, I look forward to meeting you all, happy holidays!



My name is Sebastian and I’m currently enrolled in a web development and design courses at my local community college. Currently in a JS class where the instructor introduced us to Playcanvas and I have have to say I really like and appreciate this web application!

Of course I play games and I’m learning more and more about the development process as I go along and become a better dev and coder. Look forward to being a part of the community convo.