Introduce yourself


Thanks. :slight_smile:

I have to go over lots of basic things, then hopefully i can sort out exactly what more i need to learn to set up the scene tours here.

When i first signed up here a few months ago, there were a series of tutorials that walked you through making a simple game. I didn’t do them because it ended up not being the right time to focus on this, but now i can’t find them. Has ‘Keepy Uppy’ replaced that?


You can find all the relevant detail about how to use Editor in User Manual as well as walk through tutorials in link provided before. This should cover pretty much everything to start with.


Im Jon. I like candy. Because I like candy I like visual arts. Visual Arts has moved me toward computer based media and tools. Computer based media and tools introduced me to programming and development. Then, I began to feel hungry. Luckily I had programming and development to fall back on to make money and get food because Im not very good as a Visual Artist.

I like the PlayCanvas crew and I like the dog food.



Hi, my name is Kris. People call me high pockets because I’m tall, but the name high pockets is almost always taken as a nickname on sites, so I swapped it to Pocket High.

I know PHP, C#, Javascript, etc., 3D artwork/animation via Blender, I like making music as well, but my actual job is not computer related whatsoever as I’m a lighting designer in the film industry. So, at the moment PlayCanvas will be a hobby.

I’m a fan of new technologies and I like creating new ideas and seeing them come to life in 3D. I played around with Unity 3D for a while and got quite used to it, so I’m a little lost with PlayCanvas, but I’ll work it out. Anyhow, the reason I want to learn PlayCanvas now is because I would like to embed apps in webpages and this seems to be the right tool for that job. I think more and more people are starting to avoid downloading apps with smartphones and I’m one of them.



Hi folks, my name is Stephen, I’m primarily a 3d and 2d artist. I’m currently creating assets for a couple of slot machine games in PlayCanvas. So far PlayCanvas has been pretty easy to use, and I’m looking forward to see more games created with it.


Hello, everyone! My name is Ken, and I live in New Mexico. I’m a former gallery director who got tired of being on the selling end of art and decided to starve (sometimes literally) as an artist, doing both paper sculpting and graphic work. I have experience with Blender, Unity and Construct 2, and now I’m working on a project that combines 2D graphics (Construct), video (YouTube) and 3D graphics. That’s where Playcanvas will come in, and I’m pretty excited about it. I’m impressed with the great games and examples I’ve seen here!
Old video of my work:


Hi, my name is Pablo Caviglia.
I’m a developer with 15+ years of experience in BE/FE in webapps world.
Have some experience on other 3d frameworks like unity and andengine, and i’ve started with playcanvas a few months ago, exactly on jan 2017, and i like it so much.

mobile +598 91 744 036


Pablo Caviglia


Hello, I’m Roderick. I bought the personal plan in hopes of completing my WebVR project for high school. I would rarely pay for a particular piece of software but PlayCanvas just showed me the future. Coming from Unity, the UI is much sleeker and the implementation feels more intuitive, but most importantly, I can access my project anywhere even if the engine itself isn’t as powerful and as robust as other game engines. I see a huge potential in WebVR and would love to see regular improvements!


My name is Mike Kennedy.
I am a 3D Artist using 3ds Max and Unity / Unreal.
Our company does WebGL using in-house tools and we are looking at PlayCanvas as a way of adding features to our workflow.


Hey guys! My names Matt McRae.
I’m a games student currently finishing up my honours, among a smattering of other random things on the side. I’m primarily a 3D artist, but also do a bit of code, as well as design and managing a small team of devs.
Mostly have experience in stuff like Blender, Unity, Unreal and other assorted game making stuff.

Mainly looking at Playcanvas for work on an upcoming freelance gig my team will be doing, so was researching web based/html5 stuff. Playcanvas looks frankly amazing, and ashamed I hadnt heard of it sooner. Very excited to dig into it. :smiley:



I’m Adam Bechtol

I’ve never made a game before but I’m quite interesting in starting. I was also thinking about documenting the process on Youtube. I’ve been working on learning a bunch of programming languages, but would like to see playcanvas flourish, so I’m thinking of giving it a serious try. And I’m interested in collaborating in any number of ways. Cheers.


I am the Andrew named in english,
while the time and knowledge is rolling over
my engine in web-gl.
(yesterday the model is running -> today, i must look is the environment not over the model in js)
Since the years of the private pc also in reach wide
for commoners so I do compute in hobby-manner.
I like the clever scripts.


Hi I am JD Rogers or SHADOWELITE7

I am a pro PC gamer, I grew up playing pc games since I was 3 years old. I made my first game from scratch ( it does not work well but you can still play it called Platformer, I am planning to make a 3d version called platformer 2 and maybe the first play canvas tps moba


hello i am alex,
i am a new user on playcanvas,
i work rather on unity, but i wish to get in webgl i still hesitate between playcanvas and babylon js we will see well in the future, i want to train me on small games


Hi, I am Momo and I like to create new games.



I am Thomas. I’m here in the glorious year of 2016 trying to figure out how to array. If anyone can direct me to the “do array” section of play canvas, that’d be great.



a) Something went wrong with the forum and this post is rather delayed
b) You might want to work on your dates first!
c) Your internet connection is very slow :wink:

Not sure what you mean “do array” - but if you need arrays in Javascript then I’d recommend a normal JS tutorial before you try to get to grips with a game engine. this is good.


A mail from the past? does playcanvas support space travels? Where is the tutorial? :wink:


Hi my name is Filmon H Abraha and I just found out about PlayCanvas today.

My reasons for trying it
I like that I can work on it no matter where I am and for me that means building momentum.

There’s the added benefit of learning more JavaScript which means a ton of transferable knowledge for career development.

What I plan to build
I’ll be building a learning game for my children. Essentially learning to read Tigrinya. Simple touch interaction with sound should do it.

Looking forward to support
Illustrations of characters attached. I hope I can get some support from the community I just know I can build a really awesome Portfolio piece ^^


I’m starting a dev journey on this project if anyone one wants to watch me work/fail/cry/laugh etc