Trigo Run (official updates page)

there is a link


the shake is a filter to make it look cool there is no camera shake so sorry about that

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Yep trigo run your favorite game ever just got a new update take a view into this 2d platforming game, where you can play with your friends, change your appearance and skin, and complete the difficult levels while looking at the simple but effective graphics heres some screenshots

when you play it give feedback and feature requests to this google form

fill out this form multiple times

heres the game link PlayCanvas 3D HTML5 Game Engine

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Nice to see you pushing out regular updates to the game, keep up the work :innocent:

I beat level 9 in 23 seconds

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noice you’re the first one to beat it

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oh and hi nasjarta thx for helping me with spinning obstacles i got a lot more done as well like skins, and multiplayer

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you mean me i got multiplayer done for you
lol just joking


yeah thx for doing that jack

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also Official comment to the trigo run updates page, i need some feedback on the game, so i made a feedback form for the game, you CAN fill it out multiple times and i RECOMMEND that you do because i need all the feedback i can get

remember to fill out this form multiple times

and dont spam one idea (i will read ALL responses)

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Screenshot 2022-04-05 10.50.43

New Piskel-1.png (14)
New Piskel-1.png (12)-1.png

trigo run Update 1.14.0 INTERACT WITH YOUR FRIENDS WITH THE NEW CHAT SYSTEM :slight_smile: New UI updates and More also a logo change the one with the galaxy background is the new logo have fun and stay happy

project link- PlayCanvas 3D HTML5 Game Engine

Game Link- Trigo Run - PLAYCANVAS

Feedback form-


Testing for Version 1.14.1

here’s a sneak peak


Some more screenshots for version 1.14.1

so we are finalizing the audio settings and may start working on visual settings soo so look forward to that we also have a jumping sound in beta and soon you’ll be able to change the song that you would like to play so be waiting for that update, and also there will be a LOT more cosmetics for you to choose from(not all cosmetics shown are final(most are in testing phase)) have fun -Deadshot1m24 OUT

also we’re doing a voice reveal at 20 subs so

also give feedback/ideas down below on this link

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MASSIVE cosmetics update just dropped new colors include -Magma -Yin & Yang -Deadshot1m24 -Rainbow (rainbow has returned :)) -Galaxy Trigo -Ice -Purged -B&W Spots

Thats a lot of colors :slight_smile: now the skins new skins include

-Penguin -Core -DoubleHearted -Heart -Motigate Logo -NOPE -And galactic stars

Yes that is quite a lot of skins and colors check em out as i have published it RN rewatch live stream: Trigo Run Development Stream - YouTube Channel: Get trigo run on featured

and finally the feedback form

Deadshot1m24 OUT

Screenshots below

IM STILL GOING!!! Trigo Run Update 1.15.7
Sorry i’m a little late posting this on the updates page, 2 weeks late to be exact. but i was kinda distracted with GETTING TRIGO RUN ON SPEEDRUN.COM, yes trigo run will soon be on be ready to get those world records into ACTION
here’s some screenshots for 1.15.7

Official Changelog
-added 24 new skins
-added visual settings
-changed Audio settings a bit
-Visual changes release coming soon

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i am in need of art for future trailers, assets, and steam page if you would like to discuss further… please contact my Instagram @kevin.4.ever
and message me there
:slight_smile: have a blessed day… also be ready for some trigo run lore
yeah… this game gets itself some lore

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welcome to level 11… in the simulation?

oh yeah and this game now has a story… with 6 different worlds to complete levels increasing difficulty




Ditching the forums soon!!!
Yes this page will be deleted in a few months, because the official Trigo Run website is now in BETA, should be finished before christmas, so this page will be deleted in 2023… and updates will be moved and featured on the OFFICIAL WEBSITE!!!
It is on google sites (for now, Until i upload it to have a unique domain)