Remove "No more than 3 consecutive replies" feature

as a developer i need a way to share my progress on my current project… but this new update to the forums is making it VERY difficult… as you know i have a thread for my game Trigo Run, the issue here is I cant post updates without somebody else commenting (which litterally defeats the purpose of an update page) im quite angry about this new feature… please remove it as it gets in the way of interacting with my community…

Hi @Deadshot1m24! I am not aware of recent changes. I understand that this rule is not useful in certain situations and will see if we can remove or adjust this rule.

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Its not a new update, its a default setting in the forum software that I would like to keep as it prevents topics being used as ‘chat’

The setting is ignored if you are the topic owner. That means that @Kevin_Herod can post in the thread as many times as they want in the Trigo Run as they made the topic.

I know both this account and Kevin are yours. I recommend that you just use one which we’ve asked you to do previously.

If you want @Deadshot1m24 to be your main, let me know and I can change the topic owner to you.


thanks, Please do transfer the post to my main account :slight_smile: thanks for the info!

Done Trigo Run (official updates page)