Pop-up window under a hotspot

Hello all,

I need a help,

If someone had an experience in creating of a pop-up window or tooltips under a hotspot of a 3d model for smartphones,

The nearest sample for this question is here:

Thanks to all for attention.

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Hello @Ivan_Stratiichuk! What is your problem exactly?


Sorry I wrote an incorrect words,

I’m looking for a sample where created a tooltip or floating window for hotpots of this sample.

There are a lot of samples of tooltips in internet, but I can’t find a sample for smartphones.

So if I understand you correctly you want to enable a text element when your finger is on a specific point of the screen?


I would suggest to use a button element. Disable the child text element and use this for your tooltip. You can then enable the text element by script when the finger pressed the button and disable it when the finger released.

Could you help me to find the nearest sample!?

I would send you to the tutorial for creating a user interface with buttons, but as far as I know this is outdated and not very helpful anymore. I think @yaustar knows more about this.


Otherwise the example of the hotspot is a good alternative, especially for a tooltip in a 3D world. You just have to modify the script to enable a text element when a hotspot is pressed and disable it after release.

Trying to rebuild lever.js of this project.


I found a sample that will help me, but it was deleted,

Hi @Ivan_Stratiichuk!

Honestly, I would try a Textelement on a 3D Screen in world space instead of using CSS.

Check out this project:


Is that also possible for text @Sebastian? That would be nice.

Absolutely! Used it in my typing game. Check the vid:


Ah good to know. I will need that later when I continue to work on the UI in my game. Does it work the same way as with an image element?

Text and Image elements are pretty much comparable so, yeah :slight_smile:

So how do you do that for text? It’s not working at the moment…

Hi @Albertos,

what do you mean by “how do you do that”? Adding the text in 3d space?

Adding the no depth on text… :sweat_smile:

This sample project demontrates 3D text :slight_smile: