Random WIP Bullshittery

I don’t do the modeling; only logic. But thanks :slight_smile:

Anyone need a simple FOVZoomScript ?

Trying out Camera movements:

Still working on that Chromakey :beers:

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I wanted a blurry logo on an old TV screen. The process of getting there was kinda fun:

Started out with a simple logo:

First I uploaded the logo to https://photomosh.com/ where you can create GIFs with awesome effects.

I used Bad TV and RGB Shift



Next, I search on Turbosquid to find a suitable TV set. Found the one from the Videotextures Tutorial and went with it :slight_smile:


Following the Video Textures Tutorial I attached the videotextures script and set the ScreenMirror Material of the model as the target texture.

Since this approach does not work with GIFs I searched the Forums and found @will 's GIF to MP4 Conversion suggestion. Works like a charm.

The only downside was a chrome error since there isn’t any audio track included:
2020-11-01 11_30_43-Window

Found a suitable tv noise sound effect on www.soundjay.com.
You can add an audio track to an MP4 file with a nifty tool called MP4Box:

MP4Box -add tv-static-01.mp3 myvid.mp4

Slight adjustments to the tiling of the vidtexture:
And added an outward-facing spotlight.

And that was basically it :slight_smile:


Realtime rendered by PlayCanvas


Bullshitting around with a typing game idea :beers: :rocket:

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So if I understand the concept correctly you have to type the name as fast as you can? :yum:

Yeah it’s a typing of the dead style of game. Let’s see if it survives the prototyping (lel) phase :laughing:

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I get nervous just thinking about such a game. :laughing:



Not pretty but procedural :green_heart:


Hahaha I loved all of the House of the Deads and the even cheesier spin-off Typing of the Dead! Very nice work!


Think I am gonna trade the 3D Walls with 2D ones. Looks more cheesy :cheese:

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Swimming cubes, almost good…


@iso74 The water effect is very nice! Also @Sebastian I agree, I do really like those walls better!

We’ve pretty much finished our Animal Crossing + Movie Player app! The networking is pretty solid and although I’ll admit the 3D UI doesn’t look very pretty, it gets the job done and even works on mobile!

Next up I made a quick start to a fighting game for a game jam due in 2 weeks, so I’m going to be using all the networking stuff I learned in this project for that:

My brother wants to test out a custom compiler for Unity, so I’m going to be doing this one alone. Will keep you all updated, and I look forward to seeing more from all of you!


Testing some map mechanics. Trying to keep the level generation as simple as possible :slight_smile:


That’s looking great @Sebastian!


I’m going to have to second that, that’s looking great! I love the “reverse crumbling” effect you added to it instead of just regular procedural level generation, it’s the small polish like that that really makes a feature feel complete in my opinion!

I spent this weekend learning how to use webRTC instead of just websockets alone like the last project, and the performance increase has been incredible, so I’m pretty stoked about it!

I expect this fighting game to be pretty janky, but I at least wanted the networking to be fast enough for it not to be the main thing holding the game back. Since a lot of fighting game mechanics have to be almost frame perfect, peer to peer connection through webRTC was a necessary upgrade. The game still uses websockets through socket.io like the other one, but now instead of all of the message passing being done through socket.io directly, socket.io acts as a lobby/signal server before gameplay starts and the peer to peer connection is made through webRTC with simple-peer. This way the players can continuously throw their current play states at each other without as much reliance on client interpolation!

As you can see, a collision sphere is generated by a player on a certain frame as they’re punching and the message is passed to the other player they have been hit if the collision occurs on the local game instance, so it’d be very trivial to cheat at this game as it is now. I’m not too concerned about it though. I’d probably do double collision checks through a headless PlayCanvas instance on the signal server or something if I was, but this’ll do for a free gamejam game on itch.io! A friend of mine has suggested that it be a Sanrio fighting game, so I’ll be posting an update soon with some more final art replacements for the monkeys next most likely! Will keep you guys posted, and I look forward to seeing more from you guys!


Hey everyone! Been real busy testing out a different workflow this week, but here’s the final result of the fighting game I’ve been working on:

The movement feels much more natural now, and jumping is implemented, plus all of the art is much more finalized. I also did a lot of improvement to the websocket library and the peer-to-peer connection switch, so the whole thing is pretty streamlined. I genuinely feel like it wouldn’t take much more work to add the remaining things like kicking, doing both while in the air, and maybe even a special move system, but all of this is in ClojureScript, and my twin brother has showed me a new workflow using Smalltalk via PharoJS, and we’re both pretty in love with it now hahaha

I’ll most likely re-visit either this fighting game or a new one from scratch written in Smalltalk instead of Lisp. I also plan on giving an attempt at a 3D web browser in Smalltalk within the next few weeks, so I’ll post that when I get a little more settled in with this new workflow.

Thanks for reading!