Pop-up window under a hotspot

I think we have some miscommunication. The project you showed was a example of how to render an image on top of a world entity. I like to do that also with text. Thanks anyway. :upside_down_face:

Ha! No worries :slight_smile:

If you look at the project now, I added an extra text element on top of the cube entity. Sure it still needs a proper lookAt function but otherwise, it works :man_technologist:

What I mean is when there is an object in front of the text the text is still visible. Probably I have to add an extra camera that only renders the text.

@Albertos like this? ZTest of worldspace text elements

Yes, that’s it! Thanks! :grin:

Hi @Ivan_Stratiichuk,

You can listen for click events on your hotspots and then simply enable/disable a UI element for the popup.

UI examples:

Please stop creating new topics for the same issue.

Hi @Ivan_Stratiichuk! Have you already tried any of the suggestions? If so, why is it not working?

I wanted to create a new topic, but it appears here.

Obviously I`m doing smth wrong, as ussually.

If you add me to the project and have an example for me of what it should look like, I will see if I can realize this as soon as I have the time this week.

I moved all the posts here because they are all about the same problem and topic.

But general and cooperation types of topic its a different topics, isn’t it!?

You can move the topic to collaboration if that is what you want.

In any way Im not that person who will not share about decision of some problem even if I will pay for that…

I don’t know what you mean @Ivan_Stratiichuk, but can you comment on the suggestions given to you?