PlayCanvas Editor Feedback


Alternatively you can use the font_renderer script from this repo to render fonts:

or the sprite script from this repo to render clickable sprites:

Or use HTML / CSS assets to add normal HTML ui’s to your application.


Cool. Thanks for the help! I’ll tell you if I have any trouble!


The Progress Bar Scene has an error and won’t run:
[sprite.js:155]: Uncaught TypeError: app.assets.getAssetByResourceId is not a function

TypeError: app.assets.getAssetByResourceId is not a function


getAssetByResourceId is deprecated, please use app.assetgs.get(id) instead.


I’ve updated the Sprites project on GitHub with the correct link to the Progress Bar tutorial and I’ve updated the Progress Bar tutorial with the latest code from the Sprites project. All should now work with no errors. :smile:


Does that mean there are new YouTube tutorials?


No, I was talking about the Tutorials project on PlayCanvas. The latest YouTube tutorials are here.


You need new ones for the updated editor.


The playlist I linked above is for the updated editor. I do agree we need more video tutorials though. What topics would you like to see us demonstrate in video tutorial form?


A scripting tutorial would be nice.


Having per Entity Materials is really great! It would be nice to have an add all button so you don’t have to select every meshinstance and apply the material.

And tagging is great for organization, but the asset panel search doesn’t search inside tags, that would be helpful too.


If you have lots of mesh instances with the same material applied, have you thought about combining the meshes into one? The model would render faster that way.

We’re working on some improvements to the asset panel at the moment. Searching for tags sounds like a good idea.


How do I do so? Is that possible in Playcanvas or only in Maya?


You’d do that in your 3D Program (Maya, Max, blender, etc)


Hello, just to let you know about a bug, using win10 and firefox isn’t possible to add a skybox coz the + button is not clickable, i’m sure about the bug coz with linux and firefox it works perfectly.


Hello again, wouldn’t be nice to have a page with a list of small scripts so people don’t have to overwork their brains to achieve some result? (description of the script-where to fit it-important variables-download)


Needs more languages like C#, HTML5, and PHP.


Hi @AmbushGames.

C# and PHP are server side languages, and have nothing to do with browsers. They serve different purpose and not available in browsers through native features.

HTML5 - is a standard describing number of features such as: WebGL, Canvas2D, CSS3 and many other JS features. It is not a language, and in fact our engine and tools are heavily relying on HTML5 features already.


Ok. More languages would be nice though.


It would fragment user base between different languages, making it less united as community.
Which will complicate communication and help-ability of a community.
Additionally JS is more than enough for web games. Another languages are nearly not-possible in web browsers, and lead to many complications with cross-compiling, debugging, etc.
So we really can’t see any benefits in another languages for PlayCanvas.

Currently it allows to script in JS, and use JSON, HTML, CSS, GLSL assets, which is far more than enough and covers all needs of html5 games requirements.