PlayCanvas Editor Feedback


Ok. I’ll quit with the more languages now, but you need YouTube scripting tutorials for the new editor.


We have YouTube tutorials explaining few aspects of the Editor, you can find them here:

Although we don’t try to teach JavaScript, as it is too generic and not in particular related just to us, but web as a whole. There are great resources for learning JavaScript, and one of them:
I find CodeAcademy very effective, and coached few people when they were going through JS course there, they were able to read my code after and understand its logic. There are more other resources online, with free JS courses.


Hi, this is my first feedback and i just want to say that playcanvas is impressive and addictive. And not only the 3d editor - the best online 3d tool i have come across. The help, the examples, the games listing, the social concept and the open source concept implementation. Congratulations, you made 3d editing almost* easy.

*it is never going to be easy


You need to fix the bug* where when you move the editor camera, the gameplay camera moves. It’s getting anoying and has jacked up some of my projects.
*I’m assuming it’s a bug.


A very simple suggestion. Within the Entity pane, why not colour code the X, Y and Z labels to help assist with Position / Rotation and Scale.


Not what I meant. You move in the editor and the camera moves as well. I’m in perspective.


Can you make standalones in Playcanvas?


That is not a bug, but a feature. To prevent game camera being moved, select Perspective camera from viewport camera selection.

We could, but it will look a bit weird, as we don’t have anywhere in UI color coding for fields.

Yes you can. Using some native wrappers such as Chromium, node-webkit or any other similar.


The camera mode was in perspective @max


Do you have a project where you can replicate it, and steps for replication?


Not sure what you mean


Needs terrain and terrain editing like on Unity.


This is truly a great environment. I’m very happy that I can use this for free! Thank you very much.

After using this engine for a few days and started to add more than a few scripts to the project, I wished if I had more complete source code editor function in PlayCanvas. I use Cloud9 web IDE for my daily work and pretty happy about it. If Cloud 9 code navigator, tab based editor/media viewer UX and tab based terminal function that allows me to use VM command line are combined with PlayCanvas editor, that would be my dream environment.

I’m pretty new to game engines. So having extensive code editor in the engine wouldn’t be the norm of the industry. But above is my impression so far.


For your Playcanvas account, can we have it to where you can change your avatar through Playcanvas instead of Gravatar?


It’s something we’ve been asked for a few times already @AmbushGames, so yes, we’ll try to get this implemented. No promises on timeline though. :smile:


is it enable to duplicate a model entity to other project ?

now, i have been making a tiny game with my friend.
he works at visual art part.
he built a original character model and others on his PlayCanvas project.
then, he ask me "is there any way to duplicate my model entity on my test project to yours ?“
i don’t know how to do it.”


Unfortunately there is no easy way to clone assets across projects.
But you could invite him to your project team, and then he can reupload stuff to your project.
He can work in same project but another scene if he needs a bit of isolation of hierarchy, but shared assets of a project.



@max thank you ! :smile:
i told him your answer.

well, we hopes that it will be able to control all resources version someday.
sometimes my friend’s works become not to be publishable.
it’s hard to find the cause, he rollback previous version manually now.
so he works on his other project, then he works same step on team project.


Working in branched environment, where people can work collaboratively on different branches, and merge back to master - is the idea we do entertain, it will be implemented one day :slight_smile:


Hi! First of all this is my first post and I’m excited with PlayCanvas. I’d say the environment is very nicely flexible. :smile:

Just want to request for Esoteric Software’s Spine component feature (which I believe already asked half a year ago).
They have provided the generic runtime for JavaScript here.

I really need the FFD and the image swapping for 2D animation, and of course the 2D skeletal animation. The asset data size is also small as well so it’s great in every way.

Someone has posted a sample video ( of what can be achieved from the tool (it doesn’t show what can be done with the character on the right, but also please have a look on the scarf on how important that image swapping is), and I think this is a good feature to think over.

Also is there a way for script components being combined and minified into one JS file on publish/download? cause I believe, if I have tons of script components being separately loaded, it is prone to error; tons of request/response (gives room to fail), and not to mention the scripts are not minified. Failing 1 script is definitely not good, but I’d rather have 1 or 2 huge scripts to load once or fail at all, so it’s controllable. I want to combine the codes myself but I know it is impossible as PlayCanvas essentially load the scripts individually.

I understand if separating the codes is meant for debugging, but not on production files. It’s not only for not being easily read by anyone, but to make the files more compact; lesser size and lesser network request/response.
See here for screenshot reference.


Spine Animation Support