PlayCanvas Editor Feedback


And we will be able to refresh attributes automatically in the future.

But live reloading of scrips in game - unfortunately indeed, currently there is no life reloading of scripts.
We are thinking of something that will allow people to have live reloading of scripts, but that requires to write destroy handler in script, to make sure once script is destroyed it will unsubscribe and destroy all events and data to make sure it is cleanly destroyed.

Once that in place, we will be able to make auto-reload of scripts without reloading the launched game.


Please make it usable for me , I only have one arm can’t use mouse and keyboard at same time, so to me at the moment its pretty useless, sorry


Just tried this, been using Unity for the last 5 years, a lot of similarities, love the clean look of the UI. Biggest thing and advantage over Unity is becoming the google docs of game dev and your almost there by allowing simultaneous editing in the scene but why not allow that while editing code too .

Also while collaborating why not click on the collaborators icon to chat?


Great to hear.

Collaborative code editing is coming soon. We’ve thought about Chat, but for now there are lots of alternatives (like skype, slack, etc), so it’s not quite a priority. :slight_smile:



You can do most things in PlayCanvas using one hand and a mouse with 3 buttons. There are toolbar buttons for almost every function. One thing you can’t do is use the fly camera which works with a combination of WASD and right mouse button. So we can improve that. An alternative to the fly camera is to select an Entity and click on the Frame Selection button which will focus the camera on that object. Then with the mouse wheel you can zoom in / out and by dragging with the left mouse button down you can rotate around the object.


I’m not a very big fan of the new editor. It’s cluttered. On lower resolution screens everything is smashed together. I can’t find anything that I want to use. The tutorials the explained how to use playcanvas use the original theme to explain things. New users are bound to have a hard time.

Just wondering if it’s possible to revert to the older layout? It was much easier to use and much more responsive. (In the sense of it actually working | doing what you tell it to)


Hello, i’m workinig with the editor just for few hours, but what is seems to lack is a mapmaker easy to use (example sandbox game maker, atavism). In atavism is interesting also the npc movement type giving a range of action of npc from start position or build a preset course. I know that what i’m pointing could not be the main priority, but i think the mapmaker can attract more builders.


I have a (simple) improvement for the editor… The editor inspector panel cuts of long text. In my scripts I tend to set a proper display name for my attributes that often results in clipped text. Would it be possible to add a tooltip to the inspector labels showing the complete text on hover? (the default tooltip implementation of browsers would do fine I guess)


I have added a feature request for tooltips for script attribute names to our database. I agree that this would be very useful.


Would be really great to have a simple color grading post effect, based on 256x16 LUT texture.


Hey @Jwheuvel,

Just wanted to let you know that this is now fixed :slight_smile:


I’d really like to zoom in and out with Alt + RightMouse. This is a common camera movement pattern in many 3D applications (Maya for example) and Unity3D also uses it. I configured Blender to work this way as well…
I am so used to it that to me it is a real pain to zoom in and out with the mouse wheel. It’s ridiculously slow and uncomfortable and it really interferes with my workflow.

Currently we can tilt and pan the camera with the right mouse button. In my opinion this kind of movement is pretty much useless. Every movement needed to navigate through the scene can be achieved with orbiting (Alt+left mouse), zooming (Alt+right mouse) and dollying (Alt+middle mouse) the camera in a much more intuitive and fast way (at least to me) … Please make this at least optional in the settings - I think this would be very easy to implement too and I am sure users like me that are used to Maya or Unity3D will thank you a thousand times.
Also the current behaviour (tilt and pan) could stay at right mouse (without alt), so nothing would change for everyone that uses this kind of camera movement. :smile:


You’re supposed to used RMB with WASD(QE) to fly at the same time. :smile:


Hey @ajab,

I just added Alt + RightMouse for zooming. Enjoy!


Hah, thanks a bunch! :smile:


Needs easier gui editing. Needs to be more like an online version of unity. Otherwise great job!


Hi @AmbushGames, thanks for the kind words! Can you be more specific about the features you’d like to see us work on next?


Few things I’ve noticed so far;

  1. When selecting an Entity in the hierarchy it is automatically expanded, this is very annoying and 99% of the time unwanted (for me anyway). If I wanted to expand it I would have clicked the + icon. I’d love for, at least, an option to disable auto expanding.
  2. Allow multiple selection while dragging objects in the hierarchy; If I want to move a bunch of Entities to a new container I need to move them one by one, whether I have multiples selected or not, as only the one last clicked on is affected by the move.
  3. Allow array of any type for script attributes
  4. Very minor bug: When all that changes is the displayName of a script attribute or the attributes are re-ordered, it will not be updated in the editor when clicking refresh (it is updated when something else is changed or added, or when showing a different entity and then selecting that entity again)
  5. Also related to the hierarchy; I’d love to have the gizmos for all children drawn when the parent is selected. For example a character with a few separate colliders, I can’t just select the character entity and see the collider gizmos, I need to select each individual entity.


I noticed… Great work… Thanks!


When you create an entity there needs to be a “GUI” component that turns the entity into an easy to edit GUI that, like model, has options to be a text GUI, or button, or a panel, etc.