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@yottzumm you could print this using some transparent plastic material using stereolithography 3d printing methods, then you would want to give a model some acetone bath that would make it look smooth and polished.
Difficult part here is to get printing technology that would make whole and not textured inside of it, so you get nice refraction effect.


I am John Logan and I work as an IT manager for a Warehouse and Distribution business. I am currently looking for tools that could potentially be used to knock together quick Virtual Reality demo’s and presentations. It looks like PlayCanvas has plenty to offer and if the VR side keeps improving like it is doing then it’s likely it will become extremely popular over the coming months as the browser support for webvr goes mainstream.


Hi All,
My name is Marcin. I come from Poland. I am currently last year student of Computer Science on engineer level.
I joined PlayCanvas to create browser game as a supplement to my graduation work, but I like this platform so much, that I want to make more projects in future.
My hobby is doing some work around my car. I am not a mechanic so sometimes it is a big challenge to do something on my own but satisfaction after is even bigger.


Hey everyone,

I’m Gary. I graduated University in 2014 with a BSc in Computer Games Programming. Since then I have primarily been working in Unity3D on both games and visual experiences for a few different studios. I’m currently the lead programmer/developer at a studio in North Wales called Futurium, we specialise in marketing apps and visual experiences, ranging from simple 2D apps to in depth VR/AR experiences.

I have dabbled with WebGL since it first surfaced but until PlayCanvas I’ve never really enjoyed learning it, but now I just can’t stay away. I just want to say thank you for the toolset and engine supplied thus far. I love it! The fact the community is fantastic is an added bonus! Keep up the great work guys, I’m here to stay!


Hi @Monobehaviour! Welcome to the community. :smile: Thanks so much for the positive feedback - it makes all the hard work worthwhile. Looking forward to seeing what you create with PlayCanvas. Oh, and as an aside, if you’re on Twitter, if you tweet anything PlayCanvas-related, we’ll retweet you!


Hey @will, thanks for the warm welcome!
Great to know you guys are ready to dominate social media as well as the world of WebGL ;D I’ll get following.


Hey! My name is Derik. I’m very new at Playcanvas, but I do know some Unity.So I think this could be the closest thing to it. I also know how to make games in Game Maker. I’m very excited to be in this community!


Hi Derik,
I can code (hack) but am quite new to everything, including java script, modeling , 3D , you name it. But I have still managed to make some cool demos using PlayCanvas because it’s so easy to use.

Have fun!


Cool! can I look at your profile?


Sure its

but I tend to focus on the HTC vive so if you don’t have one there may not be much interest for you.


Hi, I’m Mark Ahlquist. I was once a Flash guru and suppose I still am but moving on.


Hello Mark,
I am old enough to remember when Flash began (I even remember PDF before PDF was a thing :). Welcome.


Jeez, you’re old! :wink:


hola soy nuevo busco alguien que necesite un grupo para hacer un juego porfa diganme


Hi, I’m Matt. I’m an amateur programmer, 3D modeler, and online business owner. I am currently working on a product configurator website and I’m assessing PlayCanvas for implementing it. I’d love to explore PlayCanvas projects like the beautiful BMW model I saw to learn how to create something similar for my project.

Although I’d love to be able to build this myself, I am actually searching for an expert for hire who can help me build this. Where’s the best place to find the best PlayCanvas talent?


Hi @Matt, you can post job offer in:
And we will be glad to tweet about it using playcanvas twitter account.


Excellent. Thank you @Max! I’ll go and post in the Jobs sub. _( I saw that sub before, but thought I read something about being an admin only forum…)


HI, I’m Cesar , nice to meet you all, this is my first time making computer games , I currently working as an angular developer and I became interested thanks to the play canvas platform; I had some experience with threejs but the boilerplate code is overkilling.
I’m looking forward to join a team to work on a project and get some more experience, I will soon post some of my designs to show case some skills.
Please feel free to contact me if there is anything I can do to help. :slight_smile:


ola como estas yo tambien soy nuevo y estoy buscando ayuda para un juego en VR pero por ahora estoy aprendiendo a poner todos los elementos juntos, déjame saber si estás interesado , gracias

(Translated by moderator)
Hi, how are you? I am also new and I am looking for help building a game in VR but for now, I am learning to put all the elements together. Let me know if you are interested. Thanks!



I’m Alice, I am currently learning javascript and found out about this amazing online game development platform.
I plan on learning a-lot of programming and also doing music here. I can also make art! :smiley:

I’m very happy to join this community of game developers!