Introduce yourself


My names Ricky or Ricky Bobby i am a student in a computer game development class


Hello!! I am Dylan (A.K.A. Piggah Bro on social media and youtube), I’m a person that likes to learn and help other. I have been programming since my 7th grade year. Everyday since then I’ve been learning more and more code trying to advance my knowlege as much as I can. In my free time I’m always on the computer working on my projects, one of my biggest projects so far is my website that I’ve just created a redirect site that brings you to a mobile friendly version if your on a mobile device. I currently know JavaScript, Lua, HTML, CSS, some Batch (I use to know it quite well), and I use to create bukkit severs before they closed down, I possibly did more than that but I don’t remember… I try to advance myself as much as I can as you can possibly tell. Eventually I want to learn the C language but for know I want to do something with my current knowlegde. I am happy to find PlayCanvas and this community to help me create the games I want and be able to help out others when I can. In a different community I use to help peope all the time and now I’m willing to spend my time when I can to help this community.


Hi, i’m Ty and i’m new to JavaScript, looking forward to working with people in the community.


Hi my name is Kyle, I’m new to Javascript and I’ve just begun learning to program games. I’m looking forward to working with people in this game


HI Guys,

My name is Sharatchandra Aithal, hailing from Bangalore,India. I am the CTO of a company called Krayonik Studios. We have been using Unity and Unreal for our work but they are not at all close to the awesomeness of the web as Playcanvas is. We are planning on an ORG subscription soon to fit Playcanvas into our main work flow pipeline. Thank you ‘will’ for such an awesome seed into an ocean of rendering platforms.



Wow, thank you so much @Sharatchandra_Aithal - your post has made my day. :smile: I can’t wait to see what you build with PlayCanvas!


Hey My name is jayden im really interested in game devlopent I used to do game maker then I saw Play canvas and thought it would be cool so im still extreamly new to it. Im also a huge gamer I love video games.



My name is Philip Georgiev, i am working for ProductMadness. Still working with flash technologies looking forward to move to html5/webGL. Are there any examples for creating apps with playcanvas ? More 2d examples.

thank you,


Hi @philipgg

There are numerous tutorials here . You can also look at the user manual here . PlayCanvas is a 3D engine so most examples are for 3D apps / games.


Howdy PlayCanvas community!

My name is Aaron and I’m a hobby/semi-pro 3d modeler/animator who’s looking to expand his wealth of knowledge and experience in the games industry. I was perusing some avenues for game jams and happened upon the PlayHack game jam coming up this month, that led me right to PlayCanvas. I’ve been watching tutorials and can’t wait to get my feet wet making some stuff!

So yeah, just wanted to say hi, and I look forward to meeting more of the community! Also if anyone is looking for to team up for the game jam hit me up! I have experience in graphic design, 3d, pixel art, and just about every other form of art there is! Thank you :smile:


Hello Rupert from NerdDayGames. Self taught programmer with a love for game design. Excited to join in PLAYHACK 2016


After being very lazy (well not really) for about half a year, I come back with more experience. Previously known as Svensei_Coder I am hoping to do more now that I have some modeling, animation, design, and drawing experience. I am glad to go straight back into it. :smile:


Welcome back! And we have a competition going right now.


Hey Great Job PlayCanvas team!

I don’t have much to say about myself but I want to thank your team because:

  1. I’ll probably never have to wait again for a 3-10gb download and install of a game engine ever again.
  2. I don’t have to worry about it being installed on very instance of windows, Mac OSX, and Linux I run again.
  3. I don’t have to stop working for 5 to 10 minutes or more watching my local computer build a tiny small change i made for testing.
  4. I don’t have to learn a completely new and bizzarro work flow / interface from other engines and sticking with a familiar syntax and language means I’m not googling a new language.
  5. And to top it off the built in default rendering and shaders/materials and stuff look beautiful out of the can.



Hi my name is Henry but my usual nickname on video game websites is En929. I started off as a 2D game programmer in programming languages such as BlitzBasic, FreeBasic, Just Basic, Java, JavaScript and Monkey X. Well, I still consider myself a beginning to intermediate game developer. And now that I have been doing 2D game development, I’m now trying to delve into 3D game development. JavaScript has been my favorite language to work in because I like making web games specifically. Thus, I came to this forum in case I have any questions.


Hi @En929, I’ve started long time ago from BlitzBasic and Blitz3D as well, then BlitzMax and Monkey too :slight_smile:
It has been a nice journey, glhf with 3D.


Hi! I’m MobCraft, and I am a Hopscotcher. I joined PlayCanvas since it is a lot better and it works well on mobile devices!


Hi I’m Francesco. I’m a 3D artist working mostly in 3D printing but also finishing my MA in Computer Animation at Kingston University.

I’m using Play Canvas to help generate a new iteration of my personal website to display my work directly in real time without the need to go over 1000 renders.

I’m excited to try this game engine and I hope to be more and more active with this community.

Cheers! :slight_smile:


Hi Francesco. Your handle caught my eye in my email. Would it be possible to 3D print something like this? . I realize it’s 4D. I’d like something translucent. Also lack of a base might be a problem I guess. Here’s the live PlayCanvas visualization:


Hi! yes that design it can be printed probably would be better with a base unless you woudn’t prefer to split it in half for instance to have the bottom layers flat and than glue it in post processing.

I’m doing a 3D anatomical project now in Play Canvas. I’m trying to figure out how I can return the names of bones and muscle from 2 different models that I created.