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Just rotate directional light entity.


thanks Max - I had looked for a specific direction property and not found one… but now I see why!


I’m new to all of this and I’m attempting to use play canvas to learn. So far my biggest problem is the camera; not the in game one, but the one used for editing. every time I add an asset, I get stuck staring at it and I can’t do anything else. Another issue is my inability to move around in editor so I can only work with a small area. Do you guys have any advice?


Hi @Daemonfire, what do you mean by “stuck” and “inability to move”?
In Editor you can orbit by holding left mouse button in viewport, focus orbiting on object by using “F” key.
To simply fly around, use WASD keys on keyboard, and hold right mouse button for looking around.


Hi everyone,

My name is Hung. I’m a programmer student. I have a background in Unity Development but have always wanted to do more web development and HTML5 games. I’m hoping to learn a lot from the PlayCanvas Community, and help others if I can…Cheers.


I actually didn’t know about those commands. It was probably in the tutorial and I missed it. Thank you for your help Max


You can access some useful panels and links from top left corner button > help.
Controls are there too.


Hi there!!!

My name is Carlos. I am a Spanish electronic engineer but somehow I ended developing games! :slight_smile: (or at least, trying!)

I love Playcanvas, and I see it’s community is very helpful, so I am looking forward to learning from all of you (and to contribute as much as I can, of course :smiley: )



Hi guys. My name is Vasyl. I started to work as a backend web programmer more than 5 years ago. But shifted to the fronted later. I am working on big projects with rich UI using Ext Js or Backbone.Marionette for 3 years. Playcanvas is interesting for me because it seems really easy to drop in and contribute because of JS as a coding language, HTML environment which may be used for Game UI and opened sources.

I wanted to create games a long time ago and now seems I have a possibility to try it. My wife is a beginner 3D Artist so we are going to have a fun creating game prototypes with Playcanvas :smile:

I think Playcanvas is the best place to start for beginners with JS and HTML background. :+1:


@vasyl, thank you for kind words about PlayCanvas! Hope you will enjoy using it. Feel free to share, devlog and ask question in our community.
Just as funny note, previous Editor (called Designer) was made with heavy use of ExtJs, and it was nightmare to manage. So we’ve decided last year, to start working on our own, proprietary solution for UI and data-binding, and came up with what Editor is now. Which outperformed all of our expectations in many ways.


My name is Zach. I’m beginning to learn JavaScript and game design. I’m interested in learning more from the PlayCanvas community. I have several apps in the App Store.


My name is Devynn, I am beginning to learn javascript


My name is Jean David, I am starting to learn Java Script and game design and I am excited to learn the community!


I’m a first year student in gaming development, and would like to learn how to advance my gaming development skills in the Play Canvas community.


I’m Sebastian, otherwise known as EquinoxStudios. I’m a high school student hoping to make games one day.
I’m starting to learn JavaScript and how to make games.

See ya later,
A.K.A. EquinoxStudios
A.K.A. Arwayzio


Hello Play Canvas Community, my name is Adam and i’m new to the game developing and java script scene. In time I hope to able to code and design my very own games with some help of course.



My name is Kyle, I’m in a game development class along with many of the recent replies. We’re currently learning Javascript and HTML, and delving a little in the world of Playcanvas. I hope to learn more about the three in the future, and eventually move on to more advanced/common programming languages and game engines, like C++/C#, Unreal, and Unity.


Hello my name is Michael i am new to Javascript


My name is SHammond Thomas and I am in a Computer Gaming Development class and we are leaning about Javascript and playCanvas and I am extremely interested to learn more about it.


Hi I’m Brandon, I just added a coin collect sound into my Play Canvas3 project