Introduce yourself


Hello, I am Nikhil Menon or Porpoise101. I am very new to javascript and making games in general, and I hope to learn how to do both. My experience with coding pretty much ends at HTML and CSS so I wish to become more proficient and learn how to use Playcanvas. Everyone here seems to be nice and supportive so I hope this works out well. :smile:


Hello, I’m Ilya, and I’m a web developer who loves to work with JS (ember.js/node.js). I’ve done a little bit of 3d (blender/sketchup) work and dabbled in phaser and three.js. I’ve yet to finish a game, but I hope to in the future. I really enjoy the PlayHacks, and that’s how I’m planning to learn game development mechanics (trial & error).


Hi I’m Robbie and I’m Head of Product at We’re on a mission to help aspiring and early stage entrepreneurs learn and be successful.

We’re just about to launch our first app, we’ve secured funding from a stellar set of angels, and we’re busy thinking about the next phase of development.

One big piece of this is to build a number of online multiplayer real-time serious games that simulate different key start-up activities (like using viral marketing, or pricing a disruptive product, or running a remote supply chain) to help people understand key concepts in a fun risk-free way.

Think clash of clans meets duolingo meets cyfe, but all around topics that a first time entrepreneur needs to understand. I’m super excited about using the PlayCanvas engine to make this a reality.

If anyone is interested in getting involved, we’re on the hunt for great devs, drop me a line at


Hey I’m Alex

I’ve been interested in things like what this website is helping people do and create for quite some time. I’ll just say this is my first actual program that I can use to do “graphic design” or “3D modeling” and such. I think this is perfect and great that it’s in the browser, it really helps a ton, hopefully I can look back on this later on and say “Oh wow look at how much myself and others have advanced.”


Hi I’m Mike,

I’ve been building games since I was 15, a stupidly long time ago… I’ve been using Unity for the last few years and thought I’d give PlayCanvas a go as I’m looking for a way of building 3D games for mobile web sites, desktops, Facebook etc and I’m keen on the PlayCanvas native approach to this.

I’m happy to help out where I can with my knowledge of system design, coding, strategies for coding different types of game and some reasonably solid 3d math and network/server design.

I’m really keen to learn new things and get inspiration from people who are innovating and trying out new stuff!

My first project with PlayCanvas is an entry for the May PLAYHACK based on Defender.

Playable Version


Hello, I’m Robert.

I am aspiring to not only be a coder or game designer, but to get the “heck” out of retail. I am currently “not living” the life I had planned or hoped for many years ago. I am a Assistant Manager at an Office Depot. It gets me through the hardships of daily expenses. However I have always dreamed of doing something big, as many here have already done, I’m sure.

I really enjoy games. I always get this “I can do that”, feeling whenever I play games. Better yet, the “I want to do that!” feeling.

Gaming has always been my favorite thing to do. Not in an anti social kind of way. I really enjoy playing with other people. Needless to say, I am a big fan of multiplayer games.

I am not new to programming concepts, however I am new to the practice of programming in a more formal way. I have always done little things here and there. Without actually completing a project. The fact that I love to learn helps drive my motivation to “get out of retail”.

Anyways. I look forward to adding that little extra to this wonderful community that you have built. Amazing job to all those involved in doing this!

Robert Cutright
Aspiring everything game creation!


Hey, my name is Brian!

I can’t say that I’m terribly experienced in the field of game design, but I have a strong desire to learn. I’ve been playing games since I could hold a controller, and I’ve consistently dabbled in design and programming since my college years. However, that wasn’t a terribly long time ago, so I would still consider myself quite green in those areas.

Really, I’m here to join a community of people who know what they’re doing. I’m here to learn from them, to watch the process, and to gain knowledge from various projects so that I may create my own in the future. I was always told that if you’d like to be great at something, watch those who are already great.

My background experience is mostly in the fields of PR and Economics, both of which do very little for game design. I can, however, talk a lot about money and stuff, so that’s a plus. Currently, I’m in South Korea because I decided to explore the world a bit before settling down into my career.

If anyone has any advice, I’d love to hear it. Otherwise, I’ll probably see you around the forums. Good luck to all of you!


Hello, i’m Ayrin and i’m a writer, i’m also a php/mysql amateur coder. My goal here is to see if Playcanvas is suitable, and not too difficult to use to build the world of my books.
The first book ‘The five seals’ (not the animals :slight_smile: lol ) is now under translation coz my native language is italian.
The game i have in mind is a mmorpg with lots of pen and paper rpg features if u want u can check what i have done (also if the site is not updated with the current development) at
All the world mechanics are already studied, just need to put all them in the game. :smile:
Look forward with working with you all.


Hi I’m Drots and I am a newbie coder and an experienced amateur board game designer. My goal is to create RTS MMO strategy game. So ya, I’m completely new and I’m sure you’ll be seeing me in the forums asking questions about anything and everything. Can’t wait to get started!


Hey everyone! I’m the founder of A place to find all sorts of royalty free textures including pixel art, stock photos, stylized photos, and physically based textures.

We’re using Playcanvas as a 3D previewer for our images and have found it to be the most versatile engine on the web!


Hello my name is Kai, I have played games since late 80s on Amiga 500.

I have some ideas about making a game and I think PlayCanvas is a great place to make it.

I am a professional trumpet player producer and I am also interested in colaborations my website is here

look forward to meeting you all and colaborating on some great projects


Hi, guys!
I’m Patryk Budzyński (from Poland). I’m the guy behind Ptakopysk (C++ game making toolset) and i’m fixed about creating game engines and games (but mostly i’m doing whole frameworks/systems that improves game making) and i’m in love with the shaders - doing all of that over 10 years! :smiley:
I’m here to get along with PlayCanvas and i will use it for my web games, also i will try to help people with improvement of their game making process by creating tools, extensions and scripts ^^


My name is not allowed to be shared on the Internet. I will, however say that I am 12 years old (will be 13 in November) and I own the future worlds greatest video game company.



I am Carsten, doing Archviz-Interactives with 3DSMax and Unity3D (coding in c#).
I came to PlayCanvas because Unity dissapoints me in terms of WebGL publishing.

I love the simple publishing + collaboration workflow and the shading quality in PlayCanvas
but can´t write any JS-Code so I need to find some helpful hands here …



HelloCanvas! I’m cameraMan and I want to get that Portal2 game to run in my browser window.


Hello everyone! My name is Mike and I’m an aspiring game developer from London. I’ve stumbled upon PlayCanvas in my quest to find the perfect framework for making webgl games :smile:
Currently I’m planning to use PlayCanvas to work on my final year project at university which I want to use afterwards as my main project (ambitious, I know XD).
Anyway, expect cool stuff (hopefully) and really nice to be part of this community! :slight_smile:


Hi guys! Я Vladimir. Я совсем не известен как разработчик игр, но стараюсь токовым стать! я из России и я начинающий на playcanvas я буду делать это “Legacy Of Gods” только на playcanvas. Раньше делал “Legacy Of Gods” на Blitz3D.
Надеюсь вы сможете переводить мои Русские слова, чтобы помочь мне… Заранее спасибо!


Hello. My name is Satoru Nakata and I’ve been working in a Japanese game platform company for 10 years.

Though I’m not a core game developer in the company, I’m very excited about this engine. After studying similar services like Cloud9, I observe recent trend that we shift our development environment from local machines to cloud. I will learn this system definitely.

I’m hoping that PlayCanvas will become “Cloud era Unreal/Unity” in future! And I’m hoping that I can contribute as a Japanese!


hello, all.

i’m ogawa masakazu, japanese game developer.
i have worked for developping game 15 years over.
but i haven’t be coding java script for a long.
i’m almost beginner.
i forget many and have a lot things to learn. :scream:
i have many questions for developping.

by the way, my company is different from nakata0705’s company.
unexpectedly i have joined this forum in neary timing with him.

nice to meet you ! nakata0705. (^-^)/

let’s connect peoples with game, and make the world fun !

best regard.


Hi there,

What an amazing tool you have here - Im blown away by its capabilities!

Im an architect and artist, experimenting with architectural visualisation and virtual environment creation using game engines.

Im extremely impressed with how easy it is to import 3d models and light them in playcanvas - this:
for example is a shadow study of a roof. Uses a spotlight to mimic the sun movement

Question: is it possible to dynamically update the direction of a directional light? Im guessing not, as too expensive?

thanks, great work, look forward to playing more