Introduce yourself


Hello PlayCanvas Community,

I am a high school teacher and freelance developer. I am interested in learning new programming/design approaches, passing them on to my students, and implementing them in my own projects. I appreciate the quality of PlayCanvas and the integrity of its leadership.



Hi I’m Chris. I’m a gameplay coder and looking at building some prototypes for the web. Going to use the playcanvas engine and write everything in code directly.
Want to get it working on iOS and Android too :smile:
Favourite game is Street Fighter (hence the mbison avatar)


Hello community.
I’m a hobbyist webmaster and star trek fan :slight_smile:
I’m looking for a webgl engine to show free 3d models concerning star trek


Hi murbytrek! I guess you’ve already seen the Voyager demo? I started playing around with this Enterprise model too but it’s not quite finished (main hull is missing).


Hello people of PlayCanvas!

(I’m a little verbose so I’m just going to type until I run out of things to say…)

On the internet I like to be known as Nigh7Sh4de and I am an undergraduate student in Computer Science. For a long time (since I was 14?) I have been playing around with programming and things and always found that coding stuff that is interactive and fun is my favorite kind of thing to code so game development seemed like the right fit. After experimenting with Java Applets I quickly realised that I need to find a more powerful platform to create games in. It took me an unfortunately long time to realise that coding in vanilla OpenGL was probably not a great idea for someone just starting out with game development and almost discouraged me until I found out about Unity. The thing about me is I’m weird. When I started learning how to program I used Notepad++ and a command prompt and since then using large IDE’s while learning new things seemed weird and “not quite my thing” (to the point that I actually worked on some small Java android apps out of Sublime text and using ant build to build the apk… So when I discovered PlayCanvas and it’s engine my mind was blown and fireworks went off. Being able to use JUST regular straight-up javascript to create games in a text editor and then just run the HTML file in a browser: perfect. I will definitely be sticking around and cannot wait to see how this thing evolves and the projects I can and will be able to create!


Great to have you on board Nigh7Sh4de! The majority of PlayCanvas users build via the web site, so it’s great to see we have a JS hacker who wants to put just the engine through its paces. Looking forward to seeing what you do with it! :smile:


I go by the name HeadClot on the internet.

I am an young and enthusiastic 3D artist that is currently working in PlayCanvas to prototype out some ideas for games. just to make sure that they are fun and run well on the web. I enjoy making complex 3D Models.

I primarily use 3DS Max however I am currently transitioning over to for certain reasons. Mainly because I do not trust Autodesk.


Welcome @headclot88 :smile: Do you have any of your stuff online? A portfolio, perhaps? Would be cool to check out your stuff. We’re doing some quite advanced stuff with our renderer around physically based rendering, and it’d be great to have some artists in the community test out new functionality.


Hey @will - You have my attention - Physically Based Rendering is awesome! I only know how it works from an artists perspective.

As for a portfolio - Not yet I am still working that out as I would rather have some awesome stuff to show off than some mediocre stuff. Hope that makes sense.

I have some crazy game ideas that I would like to see happen with PlayCanvas.

Anyway - Is is OK if I post some feature requests to the playcanvas github? Just curious here.

That said playcanvas looks awesome so far. :smile:


Sure @headclot88, feel free to submit feature requests to GitHub if they are to do with the engine itself (i.e. anything related to the graphics engine, the audio engine, the physics engine and so on). If you have feature requests for the tools on, it’s probably best to feature request on the forum. Thanks!


Will do thank you for the info :smile:


Gosh i’m an artist… and lovevideo games since my teenage years … seen the very first arcades and real cabinets. Did put a lot of money into them. YAY! Then I saw the videogame crash of 83… and all that follow after that! Now at age 40+ ( ahah!) and with the new tools, I return with my first love. I did a lot of things and research and got a HUGE external hard drives that contain tons of things for creating games… almost any. I got sounds too! :smile:

Here a demo of my art. Hope you like and i,m here to stay ! wink!


Hi everyone, my name is Michael Burdett. I previously studied a BSc in computer games programming at The University of Teesside. I decided not to finished the course, as it put me of games. The play canvas engine seems like a great idea, and already love it after using it for a short while.

I am hoping to make games to use online, and to export to IOS and Google Play :smiley:


Welcome aboard John! well on my side I had an Atari 800xl, so we are even. I’m a artist here, coding is not my strenght ( oups!) have fun creating here! :smile:


Hello. I’m sdfgeoff, which stands for “Somebody Didn’t Find Geoff” (Actually, it’s the second character, second row on a qwerty keyboard).

For the past five years or so I’ve worked with Blender game engine, where I’m “The guy who know LibLoad” and “The guy who does funny things with lights.” However, BGE hasn’t seen any major improvement recently, and has several inconveniences. So I’m on the hunt for another game engine.
Playcanvas fits my bill pretty well. I’m using it Engine-only, not the online designer.

My plans:

  • Recreate some of my really simple games in playcanvas (Did half of one then moved on)
  • Write a blender -> playcanvas model exporter (30%)
  • Chuck my major game project from BGE to Playcanvas. (5%)

I’ll chuck an image up here of the subject of my major game project:

It’s a 1v1 multiplayer 6DOF space shooter…
Check progress here:


Hi, I’m Omid. I’m a web developer, Play Canvas looks good. I hope I can make something on this platform. I have tried 3D modelling years ago but it went nowhere. Now that 3D tools are more accessible, I love to start building!


I’m Justin Wood, and I have been building architecture for 7 years. I am really great at it, I haven’t done much in the scripting area but I am starting to work on that now!


Hi everyone :smiley:

My name is sam, I’m an indie game artist with roughly 5 years of experience in a “big project”. I have knowledges in programmation and art.

Example of my work


Hey Sam, nice to have you here.

Have you tried out the new Editor and the new Physically-based rendering? Always great to see strong artwork in the new renderer :smile:

Like the Cerberus model:


WOW it looks amazing, I saw yesterday this one which looks cool too.