Introduce yourself


Peter! Welcome! :smiley:
Your English is great - where are you from? Do you have any ideas for things you would like to build in PlayCanvas yet?


I’m from Italy (sigh), and for my fist project i’ll try to build a town/home builder, my dream it’s to recreate a sort of UOArchitect in WebGl.
I cannot wait to start!


Very cool. That kind of application is completely possible in PlayCanvas. Create a ground plane, get a click (or touch) position on the screen, and fire a ray into the scene to intersect with the ground plane to get a 3D position to place your building block. Let us know if you have any problems and have fun with PlayCanvas! :smile:


Hello Everyone :smile:

Many years ago, I used to code independent/hobbyist computer games on the Amiga 500. Very happy times well spent. I went on to do other things, playing guitar in bands, having kids, going grey.

I’ve recently discovered PlayCanvas, and Ohm Studio. These collaborative tools have rekindled my love for collaborative independent game development. These tools really do feel like the creative freedom that an Amiga 500, Soundtracker, Amos Basic and Deluxe Paint unleashed. Publishing games via the internet is an amazing opportunity, especially in comparison to squeezing games onto and distributing floppy disks.

Yes… I’m that old!

I have a lot to learn in terms of PlayCanvas (plus Clara and Ohm Studio) but I’m excited about the possibilities.


Well, if it makes you feel any better, Will, I’m not that much younger than you. I had an A500 too although I wasn’t very good at coding on it (despite owning DevPac). Spent more time playing Elite (problably the best version IMHO!). Ooo, I’m feeling all nostalgic. Glad to hear you’re excited about the collaborative side to the tools. I’m looking forward to seeing what you do with them!! :smile:


It’s difficult to get across to people just how mind blowingly huge Elite was. There had been nothing like it. Elite was good fun though docking at the space station wasn’t :wink:

I remember enjoying Space 1889 and was really into F16 Fighting Falcon and A10 Warthog.

You’ve reminded me about the DevPac. That was fun to use after graduating from Amos.


Ha! Thank goodness for docking computers! :wink: I’d love to try building a mini-Elite in PlayCanvas one day. I’ll add it to my TODO list. sigh


No Man’s Sky - This is what David Braben and Ian Bell had in their imaginations when they coded Elite and is kind of what we all saw in our imaginations when we played it. Suspension of disbelief is a powerful thing. I cannot wait. I’m seriously considering buying a PS4 just to play that game.


Hello everybody

Thanks for Playcanvas

I have just left university behind and wanted to make some games, so I’m learning how to use Playcanvas.
I have been making a version of Doodle Jump and will be posting in the forum about my learning process etc. It’s basic stuff but it might be useful to other newbies like me.

Generally, I have some experience modelling with Blender and making basic textures and not much else but hopefully that will all change very soon! I am open to making different types of games and, hopefully, will start on an idea I had for a 3rd person ‘boss-battle’ game I had.


Hi, I’m David.

I’m a graphic programmer and co-founder of Arabic Games. Now we are making our first game: Starriser.

I’m glad to stay in this comunity. I’m considering that Starriser uses, in the future, playCanvas.

Hi everyone!


Hello, all. I am a video game enthusiast and love making them too. I have started a massive project based on Battlefront 2 and Ballistic. I am looking for team members to help on the project.

I am not a pro or anything, just your average run-of-the-mill game maker. I know basic (very basic) HTML, I am also learning C#. I am also an artist and have some skills in the vector graphics department. If you need any thumbnails or banners, etc. I can hook you up with some pretty nice graphics.
Here’s a car I recently did for a game.

If you want me to work with you, just contact me at :smiley: I hope to work with you.


Hi everyone,

I’m a video game lover and indie filmmaker who enjoys creating music for my fellow artists and media creators. I’ve got a site with about 250 tracks that you can use for free in your games, videos, websites or anything else you can think of. It’s all original…all my own stuff. Everything is licensed under CC by Attribution so all you need to do is credit me properly.

I’ve posted an announcement on the Collaborations page and will update it weekly as I continue adding new tracks to the site. Any and all feedback is welcome and appreciated.

I sincerely hope that my music is helpful and am excited about being part of your community!

All the best,


Hi, I’m John. I don’t recall the Amiga 500, but I recall punched cards (with photographic images embedded) and punched tape. I started programming in Basic, mostly AppleSoft Basic on the Apple II+. I like creating meshes from mathematical equations, so if someone need something like that, I can provide. My website for my creations is I can provide Wavefront OBJ files of the type of meshes which appear in those movies…they can be imported into blender. I’d like to learn more about WebGL, and I think I could convert my mesh generator for the movies to JavaScript, if there is enough demand (probably one person). It’s currently written in perl with hashes to remove similar points. I also have generated X3DOM meshes, but those don’t work as well as the perl ones.

I also have an interest in multiuser systems, and have written a paper on turn taking. I have a topic on the forum where I will be collecting requirements to create a multiplayer pack. If someone could point me at a game theory paper which is as comprehensive as my web page, I would appreciate it. I know about discrete, differential and continuous game theory.


Hi All. My name is Ankit and I am a software developer. I got introduced to Javascript recently and was working on WebGL games for Android. This is when I came across PlayCanvas and I found some really cool games uploaded here. This seems to be a nice place for meeting game developers, sound engineers and artists :slight_smile:


Hello Everyone, I’m Marco, a “professional” Digital and Analog Artist. I work on Feature Film, Broadcast and Theme Park Rides creating 3D Animation and Visual Effects.
PlayCanvas is a most exciting forum and platform, I look forward to collaborating/creating Awesome Products and Experiences!


Hi all,
I’m a music composer sound designer freelancer.
Click on the following link to check out my profile on Audiojungle (just to listen to some of my productions):

Luca Formicola

If you’re interested, feel free to write me!

Thank you


Hi everybody!
I am Fábio, programming student at university and I started to developing game with an intuit to create an education game and I’m new with Javascript language, but I’ll feel glad to contribute with everybody if I can :smile:
I’m brazilian and sorry for my english, I’m not good yet.



Welcome Fábio! Great to have you join our community! I’m looking forward to seeing your educational game. If you have any problems or questions, don’t forget to visit the Answers site. Have fun! :smile:



my name is Gabriele Vidali and stumbled upon playcanvas because I was looking for a game platform able to create webgl games for firefoxos.

I’m now reading the tutorials and enjoying them but since I’m an absolute beginner here, I already have questions



I’m Jonah, also known as Gandalf1209. I’m a co-founder of Technology Panda. I am probably more known for Yamanu Game Engine more than anything. I’ve been programming for almost 2 years, but I feel as if I’ve learned a whole lot over the course of those years. In that time, I’ve learned HTML and JavaScript, and am fluent in Java. I enjoy making games just for the sake of making games. They’re usually 2D but 3D is expected of everyone by gamers, so I should probably get started with that, using PlayCanvas, GIMP, and Blender.