Introduce yourself


Hi Simon Katan,

Online as kimonsatan. I’m a digital artist with a background music but I also dabble in the more arty end of game design. Mostly I work with Openframeworks but have been getting more into Javascript in the past year, so this tool seems perfect. This year I’m running a digital drop in for young people at Camden Roundhouse and would love to use Playcanvas as an entry point for games development.

Check out some of my stuff at

PlayCanvas as entry point for game development

Hi! I’m Marty Tennison and I’m a Perl programmer who is toying with the idea of making a small mmo game for fun and learning. I used to run a BBS in the 90’s and wrote a few games in Dbase that were played via ANSI terminal. (yikes!) But it was fun so I’m researching my options. I really like the idea of Playcanvas and the architecture used to make it happen. So far I like what I see. Thanks for building a great community @will and @dave.


Greetings all,
My name is Melanie but online I am generally refered to as Arimia.

I come from a graphic design background with a head exploding with game ideas that are going nowhere fast. So I found this game-building program and thought i’d give it a try… to put those ideas into production- even if it is on a modest scale to begin with. Most of my ideas are simply too big for just little me to handle so the collaborative environment this system seems to encourage could provide extra oppertunities beyond my self.

Now-a-days I am a part time TAFE teacher (australian tertiary education system/ technical college) and part time freelance designer (multimedia and user interface primarily) but in a few months i’ll be headed for university. pleasure to meet you all and hope to get cracking
~rubs hands together with a stupid sort of excited grin~.



Hi I teach computer science class including one using Unity3D and one using html5/webgl/websockets/etc. It is nice to meet all of you.


I’ve been programming for 11 years if I’m not working making software I’m Disc golfing or spending time with family. I’m really interested in making a browser based 3d Disc golf game out of some assets I have. I have some assets on my PC and some 3 models of some discs, a target basket some animated players, and some 2 models for the GUI. That’s were I will be spending my time here doing. any one interested in collaborating let me know. I look forward to see what this can do.


I’ve never heard of disc golf! It looks like it would be a great fit for the physics engine integration. Look forward to what you create. Handy that you already have assets for it too.


Hi, I’m Josh. I am an electronic music producer and would love to collaborate and make any type of music, ambiances, or sound effects. If you want to hear some of my original music you can check out my bandcamp


Hey Josh. Welcome! It’s great to have a talented audio composer join the community. My audio skills are a bit…well…underwhelming. :slight_smile: So I might get in touch for soundtracks for future PlayCanvas games I make!


Hi, I’m Dan and am new here. I’ve been “working” on making a game for many years now. I’m actually a mechanical engineer but would rather be a paleontologist. I made some progress in Unity3d with collision boxes and player controls but think that Playcanvas may be a better fit. Working on a beat-em-up with nes/arcade style controls. Blender for the 3d modeling. I also like playing music, especially on the bass.

If anyone else is working on an old school style beat-em-up and wants to collaborate on the basic game prototyping let me know.

Beat-em up game

Hi! I’m Wale, a software and game developer. Currently stuck with building applications not related to games at all :frowning: But my heart has always been with everything about game development (especially 3d games). Been looking for a game engine to quickly make simple but yet creative games with easy deployment to different devices and I found this hidden treasure called playcanvas. :smiley: Currently making simple game demos to share with everyone using playcanvas and game assets from Propsplanet. Glad to be here :smiley:


Hello! I’m Jason! I’m extremely new, and I want to create a game like that 3rd person shooter!


Great to have you join the PlayCanvas community, Jason! Hope you have lots of fun with PlayCanvas, but remember to ask questions if you get stuck! We’re here to help.


Hi, I am Davis. A web programmers that has developed in C#, PHP, Python, Javascript and Python. Mostly been developing business applications, but recently been trying to develop HTML 5 games. Currently working on a Candy Crush clone in HTML 5 with Javascript.

I am by no means an artist and tried to start learning Blender the the task was too much, LOL.

I am interested in working on a group project with an artist / modeler and I’ll provide the coding. Would love to do a Base defensive game.

I think this is enough for now.


Hey there Davis - welcome! Since you already know JavaScript, you’ve got a great headstart. If you’re learning Blender, PlayCanvas should be a good match for it. The Blender FBX exporter isn’t the best, but it can get meshes into PlayCanvas pretty robustly. Have fun getting up to speed with PlayCanvas and let us know how you get on!! :smile:


Hi everyone! I saw this on the webgl subreddit this morning. Congrats on going officially open source, I’m really looking forward to digging into this! I’m currently a web and mobile application developer for a small business in Chattanooga, Tennessee. I do game development in my off time and aspire to create games and game-style applications in small groups until one of them gets me filthy rich and I can buy an island. :smiley:

Cheers to what looks like another great community and project!


Hey guys and gals, my name is Matt, I’m a UX Developer and lover of games in Seattle. PlayCanvas is an amazing engine, way to go! I also love the PlayCanvas logo, was messing about in Codepen and put together this little loading animation based on it:

Feel free to use if you like, I just enjoy creating little experiments like this.



Will are there a list of projects that need programmer assistance. I am just looking to get my feet wet and learn while assisting in development.


Whoah, nice one @mgitch! I like it! I’m going to show this to our Designer tomorrow. :smile:

Glad you like the engine so far!! I’m looking forward to seeing what you can do with it!


That is a clever way of doing CSS :slight_smile:


Hi! I’m peter and about 1 year ago i stat my adventure in the webGl World XD i use a lot of framework for 3d in canvas, but most are incomplete or hard to use. I try playcanvas and… are really different respect all other framework! And when i see the project would becom oepnsource i run to subscribe!
Sorry for the bad english, but i’m my country we are really arretrated.
It’s all for now, byee!