Introduce yourself

Do you actually perform your music IRL, or if not, what program?

If you’re looking to learn, a great resource I have found is Codecademy.

im dominic im in middle school and i wanna make games :P.

Hi everyone

I am Goldfelyne and have yesterday begin with Playcanvas. I want to learn how to programm 3d video games and hoping for some good memorys. My first game was an 2d jump and run I make in Batch and now have begin to learn Java and Javasript. And so remember this website called Playcanvas and directly log in.
If someone have some tips for me please answer.

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Hi I’m Faultline, a digital designer from Australia. Most of my past work is in video and web but i’m moving more into XR so i’m keen to see where the PlayCanvas journey takes me. Had a 12 month subscription to ZapWorks Studio and built a few simple AR interactives but wasn’t able to really find good application for it in the workplace during that time.

Virtually zero coding ability or games dev history, but lots of old Lightwave 3D from a very long time ago and currently getting up to speed with Blender. Playcanvas looks like a good fit for me so far, so wish me luck!


My expertise is in fluid dynamics and rigid body/destruction special FX in motion pictures. I started developing for Apple iOS and augmented reality but decided to make a change to javascript and web development because of its cross platform utility. My passion is 3D and stumbled across Playcanvas only recently. Hope to have a good look around here and see what it can offer.

Thanks :slight_smile:


I’m sure most of you remember me, over the past months I have been offline I have been getting lots better at playcanvas. I’m sure you will see a big improvement out of me.

Glad to be back

Mason Rocchio

Hi, I am Codeknight999, I have a real name but I prefer this identity. I have been searching for the perfect coding platform all my life and I finally found it, this one! I have learned so much!

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Moderately Good, why.

pls see this i cant talk here:Is this script correct? (Moving player at straight direction untill they Crash) - #7 by MATURE

Hey all, I’m Danny. Even though you could see that already, I mostly dabbled in code back in the early 2000’s HTML simple web design then moved into severe stuff for Ark and other such games. I really want to get into coding and game design because I see there is a chance for the best games ever with the new things AI can do,

But I gotta be able to crawl before I can fly lol
Also, I am a stay-at-home dad that lives on a farm and have limited hardware but I push it as hard as I can lol.

Hello everyone!

I’m Natasha, Global Talent Scout, consistently looking for amazingly talented people for the creative industry across the world!

I’m here to offer you a bunch of wonderful job opportunities. Please, feel free to ping me if you have any questions.


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I’m Clair but I’m Morely known as Carpeted, So you can call me Cp, I am also 1 of the Devs responsible for the Play canvas Game, PlayCanvas 3D HTML5 Game Engine
I enjoy making new friends, but I am cautious about sharing my name due to my tendency to be paranoid.

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Then why’d you share it here?

I have No F***ing idea

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Hello! i’m floralbrake, i usually make games on scratch because i have a low budget, i mainly do shooters on scratch but i don’t always make them.


Hello! I’m Dylan, or Qwerty, I’m using this to create a fps game for my class, I’m in middle school and I can code pretty well for my age (except for JS, I despise JS) mainly just python and scratch. I occasionally code on codecombat but I’ve been kind of inactive in coding for a while so I will probably need a LOT of help.

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hi I know nothing about code but I dabble in block Bench don’t know if it’s works