Introduce yourself

Hello I’m New here, I hope you are alright.

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If anyone wants to see Will’s projects, here’s the updated link: PlayCanvas 3D HTML5 Game Engine

Hello, my name is cheerio!
I’m your typical Irish guy (yes potatoes are good)
I’m fairly new to game dev, I have 3d experience with develop, and now I’m trying out 3d games!

can you send a link to try it?


It was not successfully developed. Primitive Flash demo and the programor vanished since then. Anyway I’m a bit into AI composition lately!
Orbital wars demo2
Orbital wars demo test screen 2 copy


Hi, I’m Ricardo, I’m new to programming, but what I’m best at is designing, I don’t have a ready-made game but I’m focusing on one that I like the most out of my 4 projects called New Super Roll a ball and I can’t do that I know the screen follow the player, any help would be appreciated.

I have 14 years old

@69_420 Hi Jason, would you like to work with me? It will be free but anyway, I’ll just say that I’m working on a horror game where the player will have to collect parts of a car to escape from an SCP. If you want to work with me contact me here in this forum
PS: I don’t have money so it will be free :slight_smile:

Hi Guy My name is MapleSryupDog I like to make thirdperson games like PlayCanvas | HTML5 Game Engine

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Hello Im getting into game dev and made an account to try this website.

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Hello, I’m Tina Nguyen, I’m an interior designer, modeler, renderer. I’m starting to learn how to apply Playcanvas to my customers’ VR projects. It seems that is difficult with WebGL and JavaScript

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Hi! I’m -Soy_Sauce_Studios- And I love making horror games and fps games!

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I’ve already been here for a year but i just came back after a long break, so i’d thought i would re-introduce myself. Hi, i’m Deadshot1m24, I have a youtube channel and i’m a solo Indie gamedeveloper, I usually use UE5 for my projects but i use playcanvas for Rust Tooltip and Trigo Run, 2 of my main focuses, sub to my youtube and check out my projects!! have a nice day everyone

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Hi there,

I enjoy working with emerging technologies as a hobby when I am not working as a web developer.

I have worked with three js and Babylon prior to trying playcanvas to create some data visualizations.

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Hello Play Canvas community!
My name is Ben - I’ve been following the community for some time, and happy to finally join in the discussions. My team and I are actively evaluating the Play Canvas engine as an alternative to Unity and seeing if it will be the right fit for our product’s needs. The examples we’ve seen provide a high-quality visuals, quick loading times and huge variety of delivery methods. This all lines up with a great customer experience we want to provide to the world.

Looking forward to sharing knowledge and learning what Play Canvas can do!


how do i make something

Hi @danny_po and welcome!

A good way to start is to follow the tutorial below.

Hi all,

Just thought I’d say hello, I’ve been off and on with PlayCanvas as I tend to mix my roles up somewhat. I’m mainly a 3D motion person, but did use to program years ago, I’ve worked for agencies producing product renders (Drinks, shoes) and I do eLearning materials. The latter is why I’m dipping back into PlayCanvas.

I’ve been into 3D for about 3 decades now, starting out rendering on the Amiga!! Awesome days…

Anyways, hi and bye


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He there!

I just registered and I’m pretty new to everything here. I studied applied media science and work now in management of digital projects. But I love to learn tools and skills to do a lot on my own. For a upcoming project playcanvas might be a good solution, but sadly I have no experience - yet. :wink:

To further evaluate the possibilitys of using playcanvas and to develop a concept for my first project, I would be really happy and thankful about suggestions about projects similar to what I am planning (or helpful tips and tutorials :slight_smile: ):

  • I want to import a existing 3D Model from Blender of an auditorium and stage of a big theatre with a given stage-design.
  • Users shall be engaged to explore the room and scenery in a playful way to learn about different aspects of the theatre and stage design.
  • TBD: via free movement OR a given scinematic path along several waypoints: There will be several interactive elements providing additional information (e.g. in form of animated 3D objects, infographics, texts, videos or pictures and music)

Best wishes

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