Beat-em up game

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Great to hear you are giving PlayCanvas a go Dan. I’ve personally never worked on a beat-em-up before. Are you thinking 2-player head-to-head or more Streets of Rage style?

Hi Dan,
Just a little tip for you. If you’re looking for cool animations for a beat-em-up, check out Mixamo ( You can upload any character mesh and their service will rig the mesh for you (if it’s not already rigged) and you can then apply animations from a huge library and then export to FBX (which can be dropped directly into PlayCanvas. Most of the anims aren’t free, but they’re very reasonably priced. Check 'em out! :smiley:

More like streets of rage. If it becomes two player, it would be co-op.
Mixamo looks good. I’ll definitely consider it to save time.