Introduce yourself

Hello and welcome! I think PlayCanvas is a wonderful program to work with! Maybe I am not as experienced as you, but if I can help you with something please let me know through the forum!

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Welcome @UnicornRoad! I’m interested to see how you get on with PlayCanvas’ new AR support (courtesy of the WebXR integration done by @max). Feel free to submit any feedback/feature requests/bug reports on that. :smile:

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Cool. I’ve been using PlayCanvas for 2 years, and I can say it’s really good. AR might be an interesting way to use the engine. It also sounds like you have a professional team, so I bet you guys can make something amazing with the engine.

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Heya folks,

I am a Java/C++/PHP/Linux/Unity Guy. 17+ years in the software industry. Enjoying a good game dev jam once in a while. The Unity Experience on Web is not so great and since we are living in corna na na times alot of clients are asking for digital solutions for their expos. Having never worked with 3d-javascript or playcanvas before I am very pleased with the awesome playcanvas editor. I am lazy by heart and this tool helps keeping true to myself. Every1 in the team (including the manager) ist happy about the progress…

I worked on some games with different technologies over the time. Check out some on If any, check out 2.7 Kelvin. Some games dont work anymore because of the Backend.

As for Playcanvas, this is the horse I am currently betting my dogecoins on!

PS: The responsetimes on the forums are incredible. I thought discord would be a better place to get quick answers but the forum helps to archive these for future developers. @will and @Leonidas and many others are doing very good structured work to help all. So cheers to Discord. Cheers to the Forum!


Welcome. PlayCanvas is indeed some of the best you’ll find for game dev on the web (well, at least in my opinion). Although I’m probably not as experienced as you, I have made many nice little games on here. I bet you’ll be able to get your work done in no time using PlayCanvas.

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Hello All!

I’m new to the community. I’m am learning PlayCanvas and considering using it to teach Game Development to 12 year olds, and separately to adults. Love the ‘all online’ nature of the experience.
I live and breathe gaming!

With 20 years of experience making great games, I not only follow the latest innovations – I define them.

My passions include Unity, travel, learning languages, health, and fitness.


To educate and entertain with interactive technology (Unity / Games / VR / AR).

To champion best practices, coding standards, and education.

I am available for remote, contract hire.


Hello, and welcome. This is the perfect place to start development, and teach others how to code. I myself am 14, and find PlayCanvas to be quite useful.

Hi everyone.

I’m new to the Playcanvas community and hoping to learn more about coding. I have spent far to long working in the AV industry using applications not to actually have some understanding of how they are written and the work that goes into it all!




PlayCanvas is the best place to learn coding in my opinion.


HEY! I am Case_Studios! Lots of things planned, super excited to share them with you so be on the lookout! Well bye… OH and my favorite color is Orange.
-Case Studios


Hiii, I’m Abin an architectural student. For the past 2 years, I’ve been trying to develop an architectural advertising platform using WebVR. It is my bad that today only I came to know about PlayCanvas. It’s really amazing. It will be really helpful if anyone can help or collaborate with my project

Hi, welcome to PlayCanvas. In this engine, I’m sure you’ll be able to create WebVR advertisements quite easily.

I’m replying to myself in the future lol. I remember working on PolyBrawl a lot. Now, I’m working on newer projects. It feels like it was just yesterday, I started out using PlayCanvas. Now, I’m a professional (almost one).

Hello, I am Jayden, and have been in coding for about a year and a half, almost 2 years. I never used 3d design or coding on the basis of JavaScript, like this, or C#, but really want to, and eventually be able to move up and to be able to make games on unity, or unreal. The first step is through here though, and I want to learn and be able to grow throughout this website, and even be able design some good games on here eventually.


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Hello, everyone!
My name is Xia. I ’m from Shanghai, China. I ’m a web client programmer. I ’m learning 3D game engine development. I compared threejs and babylonjs. Then I found playcanvas. I like him a lot. I also learned a lot. , Very happy to join you! I also hope that playcanvas will get better and better!

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Hi, and welcome to PlayCanvas. In my opinion, this is the best site for web game development. You should be able to get used to the UI quite easily if you’ve ever used any other game engine, like Unity or Unreal. If you ever need help, the forum is always here to assist you. Also, if you ever need any examples, you can look through the variety of PlayCanvas projects out there.

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Welocme, Zhou! Drop a question in the forums, if you have any.

@DevPlex01 you shouldn’t use auto-translated texts. Most of the time it creates a jibberish. Considering Zhou’s English is good, there is no need in that.

Ok, thanks, I’ll remember that.

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Ahw, you are strict! He must have meant well. I also use it regularly for translating to or from English. But you’re right, let’s keep it in English. Or Dutch. :yum:


Hello Everyone,
I’m a Freelance Game Developer from Italy and, lately, also a Game (Dev and Design) Teacher at NABA an Academy in Milan.
I discovered PlayCanvas a few months ago and I was stunned by its features… Coming from a Unity3D background it was really easy for me to get started!