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hello, my name is you xiao hui . i want to be friend with you. can i connenct with you? i am a new playcanvas developer.


Welcome to playcanvas, be stubborn and don’t get discuraged :slight_smile:


A new playcanvas developer, cool


I’m Kensley, a.k.a blackhawx because I am a big fan of the bird kind black hawk.

Anyway, I am a front-end web developer with 10+ years of professional experience in HTML,CSS, LESS, and JavaScript, jQuery, Bootstrap and WordPress theme creations. As far as game development goes, I’ve built several space shooter games in the past with gameQuery. Also, I love using Gimp as a design tool to compliment the JavaScript logic needed to game deployment.

My desire now is to mature in both JavaScript gaming and functional programming. I’m learning about factory functions and object delegation in JavaScript, and “hope” that I can create/apply some of these practices within the PlayCanvas environment. At the end of the day, I just want to be a better student of JavaScript and hope that PlayCanvas opens some doors for me.

With that said, I love a good chat, I’m a huge Final Fantasy 7 fan. Perhaps my favorite game of all time. I stay busy and enjoy a good workout because it helps me to think/plan better on daily tasks.

I’m here to learn what PlayCanvas is all about and hopefully in 2 years from now, I can look back and see where I started and far I have progressed.

The only I need right now is “how to get started” (i.e. what to download and install, what to log-into, what should be my very first game tutorial with PlayCanvas, what design tools and processes should I use? What restrictions or flexibility do I have in coding in JavaScript for PlayCanvas, awareness of anything I neeed to pay for, etc…) If anyone can coach me in these areas that would be awesome. I am a huge fan of Visual Studio Code and working offline, are these options for me?

Thanks and look forward to chatting!


The PlayCanvas Editor is all online and accessible via the browser. It doesn’t support offline editing.

That said, you can just use the core engine offline as a few developer here have done but you lose the features of a scene editor.

@whydoidoit Has made a system that unofficially allows you to use the editor and work ‘offline’ or at least not be tied to using the online text editor.

The Keepy Uppy Game tutorial series is probably the best for getting you end to end:

And the source to the engine can be found here:


Hi, greetings from Bournemouth in the UK.

I have zero JS exp, but have decided that PC may be the perfect solution for a couple of apps I have been thinking about for a while.

One is for an interactive mind tool, and the other is an interactive Tarot reader.

Have a great day and will see you in the forums :smile: smile:


what is this supposed to be though


Hi, while i’m not as experienced, or talented as everyone else on here, I have a ton of great ideas for games, so if you need any, i have plenty. I’m currently a senior in highschool, I’ve done a good amount of digital artwork using low quality tools and no matter how hard i try to get better technology it always ends up being difficult. Though on the sculpey mobile app I made some pretty impressive models despite the low quality, I did try a more advanced version on my drawing laptop but it was so slow and often crashed, just as it tends to freeze when I use my USB drawing tablet to draw on FireAlpaca. Anyway despite the world being against me i’m still here and still trying to create games. When I was 13 I used a website called, at the time you could download it and it worked great with my older Windows XP Dell desktop computer, now its a web browser based game creator which is much better for mobility. Unfortunately it’s still only a flash player for 2D games, and while a user did manage to code a 3D like UGI or whatever its called, infinite loop thing it lagged like crazy and often took a long time to load as well as all the assets in it, there had to be over 1,000 pieces of script. I applaud them, they truly are incredible.Anyway I’ve made over 100 flash things, the reason I say things is because some are art show cases, some are games, some are music videos, ect. In scratch someone even made a script so you can make a login for a flash game and save ect. That also took up a lot of space. In fact when I saw the moana disney coding game i thought made it because it literally looks like their cite. xD scratch is definitely easier then this because I can’t even get text to show up. I’m glad I found this though because the 2-3 games I really want to create are impossible to make in flash.

Anyway to summarize im dedicated to creating at least one awesome game, or at least giving the idea. I’m not very experienced but I know What I want and how some mechanics work. I also know some basic coding because I attempted to create a custom theme for my instagram once.


hi i am maura and i am 13


Hi, I’m cyber33, and interested in graphics programming and the many platforms available, PlayCanvas being one of them. I’m also excited that there is an app like PC that can provide a great platform to produce WebGL based works in an HTML/JavaScript fashion. You can also find me on SoloLearn which is a great place for coders of all levels where experience ones can help newbies and thus visa-versa.


Hi everyone, I’m @coderMACi5, and have been interested in game design for a while now. After trying and failing to work properly with any of the game engines available, I found playcanvas, have been hooked ever since, and always will be!!


Hello, everyone!

I am Front-end dev at Mackevision Korea team, and I am excited to use PlayCanvas for our development!
I’ve known HTML, CSS, CSS Preprocessor like sass and less, architecture methodology like BEM, SMACSS, and Javascript framework react, react Native and Jquery. I have assigned as Apple developer and chosen this WebGL technology will be another aspect of assets. I hope to produce more PlayCanvas Contents on Web and IOS.


Hello Dave and Will!

Thanks for making PlayCanvas. I’m a CTE teacher at a charter high school in the North Dallas area. I’m trying to figure out my curriculum for a brand new Game Design class starting next month. Our school uses Chromebooks, so I was happy to find PlayCanvas works in a browser and does not require Windows.

Some of my students will have zero experience with coding. I have minimal HTML coding experience. I’m hoping there are lots of tutorial videos on here somewhere. Any help you can provide pointing me toward educational resources would be appreciated.

We will start with the free accounts. Any way to estimate how much each student can build before they hit the storage limit, requiring the school to upgrade?

Tony Curtis
Leadership Prep School
Frisco, TX


Hey @tcurtis

Unfortunately, there isn’t a wide selection of tutorials for PlayCanvas specifically compared to something such as Unity3D.

There’s the Making a Simple Game Series: that helps take someone through the PlayCanvas tool. Everything else is either in another code sample, the forums, the manual or the API.

A student shouldn’t run out of space that quickly unless they bombard their project full of large files. They should be able to build a project like 3-4 times over without running out of space if done correctly (managing files, deleting old files they don’t need etc).

In terms of learning Javascript, the language itself, I’ve found to be pretty good. is much more interactive but the learning of the language is a little abstracted. Make sure they choose Javascript as the language when they start if they want to apply their learnings direct to PlayCanvas

I also recommend looking at alternatives to PlayCanvas if it looks like too deep a pool to dive in.

Construct3 is much more UI driven in terms of creating behaviours and may more approachable to pupils that have no prior knowledge of coding:

There is also Scratch: although it might be deemed ‘too simple’.

Personally, I would start using Scratch and work their way up towards full on coding with PlayCanvas. It’s much quicker to get results in Scratch which should aid the learning and interest.


Thank you yaustar! I really appreciate your advice. I’ve been flailing around for days trying to find a browser-based engine that is not too complex, but also not too simple. I guess I need to see who shows up in my classroom on day one and survey their experience levels.


Sup, I’m David, i’m working part time as a copywriter, which is probably less extingint that one could imagen. The other part time job is sometimes as a software dev, freelancing (

Other than that I love basketball, cant rly keep up with all games but when playoffs are on babe, im in. Dabbled a little with electronic music, hated everything I recorded tho :smiley:


Hi! I’m Miguel, and I’m a game developer. I’m currently working on a project where I’m part of a team that’s making training programs to teach essential skills to factory workers. We want to gamify one of the training modules, so we’re looking into using PlayCanvas as a framework.

Personally though, I enjoy drawing characters, playing games, programming, playing programming games, and watching anime. Hopefully my time here will be fun!


Hi @tcurtis
There are other ways to do game design with out using a game engine like playcanvas. You can do game design using HTML5 Canvas and all that requires is a text editor. I know 3 good text editors that can run on a Chromebook.


Text is a text editor made by Google, it’s installed on the Chromebooks by default. I highly recommend it because it may feel like using notepad.


Caret is a text editor similar to sublime text 3. I haven’t used it but a friend of mine has used it.

Icecoder is a web based text editor that allows you to use it like a normal text editor but also using GitHub or Bit bucket as the version control system.

Also the only languages the students will need to learn is html, css, js

Also when making a game in html5 canvas, it would feel like making a website but for 2d game development.

I will also share you a cool play list that shows you how to make a game in html5 canvas (hint: the YouTuber also has other tutorials including a playcanvas tutorial playlist).


I am a Android Developer who currently needed clean way to implement 3d feature in the app. Even though I have 4-5 years of experience in Android Dev, I am very new to game development involving engines. I hope to learn a lot.


:man_mechanic: Hi every body around the world, i’m Boris aka BorBor aka BioBoosterBoB over the DMZ.

Am a 47 years old french :fr: geek, sorry for laters bad english spoken :sweat_smile:

Am a self graduate HTML5 code writer (as hobby, never worked as developper), am used to code for intranet & make some “dirty” challenges, like full intranet solution for LANs & video games contest automation & publication build around binaries piloting srvs via logaddress to listen, rcon to speak & mySQL to share with the live publication (was 20th century 1998).
Last code i made is HTML (javascript/cgi-shell) frontend for MAME, piloting my arcade cab to browse & launch any installed roms, from cab to any networked device & arcade live on any networked screen (once more to have tool for live gaming/competition & u right thinking i builded the cab myself with open ressources (recycling) & open source (MAME))

Am coming from apache/linux world, learned 1st javascript / PHP / mySQL / shell (for cgi). When i was 11, i got a thomsom TO7/70 & had to learn Basic because of very limited soft running on it, ( launched MS-DOS 1.0 @1983 with my first QuickDisk), but i missed learning C++ because i was growing up & wanted social life, girls & beer ^^

What i DO like is SCRIPT, uncompiled programs running over network-container (any browser/server or command line) over TCP/IP and the whole universe so !
We want TOP level-language for humans, because one hand we have boring task going to the processor & other hand we have nice ones (like decision, like choice, like design , … ) going to humans. Good to know what is ASM (assembleur) & C, but the more processor power u have, the highest level language u can afoard ^^
Other one good point is u can read what u are using, & as self-graduate, i can learn from src, like a great burglar said : “what a human builded, another one can unbuilded !”

Every time i switch on my laptop, i thanks humanity for that fucking great artefact, because, with coding, i am creative (thx GNU)) & as :film_strip: Conan’s Father said “in steel u can trust” i tell my own child “in silicium & open-source u can trust”

What i do not like are untrusted binaries, private source code, copyrights, un-documented programs & limited brandwith !

So, i participate in education with weelkly workshop for teenages here where we deployed a LTSP network (pretty pretty sweet) & show & study here open source technologies (from linux world to arduino)

I just discovered playcanvas last week as i m planning to write internet game by myself at first & code something new for video game culture extends .

PLAYCANVAS is just amazing, it’s exactly what i was looking for, i was building my own library to be able to draw 2D & save every what i want as json to integrate it later in my code, had something like 800 lines codes & was so far from end -_- , took a look to fabric.js that was already something pretty interresting, but found PLAYCANVAS !!!

You guys made the job & u made it Free, u gave HTML5 producer a pretty creative power, thx again & thx for the community too for sharing their learning ressources.

here’s my first fork from point&click tutorial, pingu dad moving with point&click script & pingu son following with his own script ^^

Have fun & creativity