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Yeah playcanvas is good for any type of games mobile games,console games,even pc games obviously lol.Also playcanvas is really good for multtiplayer games,playcanvas has everything you need to make a game with whatever you put to your mind unless you use all your storage lol which is why I’m trying to get them to increase the storage lol.

Hello everyone! I’m Andrew. I’m currently at a bootcamp for web development. I like playing games but I LOVE watching cut scenes and in game animation.

I can’t wait to check out the amazing games you all are creating.

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Well your at the right place

Hello everyone!

I’m a professional programmer based in New Zealand. used to Unity but have been experimenting with PlayCanvas a lot!

So far it has lots of nice additions that I like but seems to lack videos on youtube for help. (Which i’ll be assisting with as i learn more :wink: )

Welcome @jamesgames! If you do start making YouTube tutorials, please feel free to link to them on the PlayCanvas ‘Awesome List’:

I’m sure the community would be hugely appreciative! :slight_smile:

Thanks Will!
I created a tutorial last weekend and am looking to do one this weekend too. (See Here)
I Created a pull request on awesome-playcanvas with a link to my playlist too :slight_smile:

Hello everyone,

translated to english, I’d be Georg. I’m making games for more than 40 years, Starting with board- and cardgames. Getting my first computer in the early 80ths, I made a few viedeo games additionaly. During univerity I was very intersted in game theory. Than I mostly designed maps and mods for our favourite games for the next LAN party. For 2 years I was running my own card game company. Last game I wrote back at the start of the century with AGS (Adventure Game Studio) and now to learn the engine my little Postman game. As a mechanical engineer I do 3D design all the time.
Next I’ll do a small new year eve game for a contest on a popular game forum.
I’m planing to make a f2p game with playcanvas next year. (if my wife allows me :-)).
You’ll have to grow animal like creatures of 3 gender (elephant, bird, turtle) compete against each other an trade resources, and develop your place… nothing new so far?
The basic idea is that each Animal has a kind of DNA, you meet another player from another gender (for example Bird and turtle) and both player get a elephant-egg to hatch of combined DNA. So you can breed stronger, faster and better animals for the Tounaments. ( I Like the Hogs game, verry much, so I would like to make an arena this style, games like last man standing with waterbombs, collecting more nuts than the enemy in 5 minutes, a.s.o)
sorry for spaming,Sometimes I’m overexited


Hi, i am a Web Developer and gamer, my dream was make games since a kid and that why i started in software development, currently i work building mobile and web apps with JS/TS using Ionic and Angular.

I was looking for a Game Engine for my Game Studio and PlayCanvas fits in what i was looking for.


Hello you! I’m Albert, 29 years old and live in the Netherlands. In free time i try to learn programming by making my own games. I started with Unity and C# but for my mobile boardgame i discovered PlayCanvas and started to learn JavaScript. My new project is a top-down stealth game. Let me know what you think!


Hi, I’m Tomas, a game developer from the Czech Republic. I spent last 6 years developing 2D mobile web games in Phaser and Typescript. A few weeks ago our company has decided to switch to 3D games. I spent a week with ThreeJS, a week with BabylonJS and the last week with Playcanvas. I have to say Playcanvas is far the most accessible 3D game engine with enough features for web games. I like the editor, it’s perfect for beginners and it helped me to understand a lot of things about the engine and API. Also, it allows me to immediately make small prototypes and test things without creating complex offline projects. I like the API, it’s clean, well documented, easy to understand and there are a lot of official tutorials. Unfortunately I really do not like javascript. I came from the world of C++/C# and javascript code is a complete mess for me. Fortunately Playcanvas also has definitions for Typescript and can be used as an engine alone which is absolutely enough for me. So, I’d like to thank the Playcanvas team for their great work.


Hi @NokFrt and welcome to the forums! I’d say I very much share what you feel about Javascript versus Typescript.

For smaller projects, like prototypes and demos, we will use Javascript, for the sake of simplicity but for bigger projects we will most likely go with Typescript. We’ve developed a small extension and command line tool that you can install to easily synchronize your local codebase with your online Playcanvas project.

That is a great fit for a Typescript based project, since you can now use it with the editor as well.

It is free to use, in beta right now but works quite well for us:

And here are some instructions on how we usually setup TS for Playcanvas editor dev:


Hi! I’m a guy who likes game development, I played with PlayCanvas (haha) awhile back but my cousin started WebGL, I got/get frequently stuck with my OpenGL project, and need something to do while I wait for an epiphany (or a Stackoverflow response). PlayCanvas is pretty awesome from what I remember, and JavaScript will be a breath of fresh air from all the C++ I’ve been doing. I’m looking forward to breaking shaders and stuff here! XD


I am a professional freelance Playcanvas developer, I develop all kinds of games in the Playcanvas 3D engine.
Feel free to contact me at:


My name is Alexander Emeliyanov, but everyone calls me Alex :slight_smile: I am in my late 30-s, and currently live in Estonia. Coming from IT service industry (outsourcing project management, software design and developemnt, etc). Love video games and programming in JS. Tyring to make my first game here, on Playcanvas. Fantastic engine! )


Hello Alex, it’s a pleasure meeting you on here. I also have been working on a few games with @Werdie_Alt and what I can say is that PlayCanvas is one of the best WebGL engines you’ll ever find.

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I will be referred to as John Doe. I’ve been becoming interested in game design and I’m a musician. I play keyboard, guitar, bass, and a little drums. I know a bit of javascript (basic objects stuff like that).

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Nice! Welcome to PlayCanvas. You can make many great things on PlayCanvas. There’s also VR, which I’m going to check out later. Hope you have a good time here.

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yeah playcanvas is to place to be in 2020 for gamedesign you can create anything you can imagine from fps shooting games to rpg simple games

I’m Shae I’m a novice at this. I am not sure what to do. I’m mainly trying out a new hobbie

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Basically, you can create games here, with Javascript. I’ve created a few games on here before, and it was pretty easy. You just gotta learn the basics. Of course, that;s what the forum is for.