I need someone to help me make a first person script

I simply need a script that lets the character move with wasd, and crouch with shift. I can do the rest, but this is what I need someone else to do

@GhostieeKoto I am not sure if you need first person or third person but you can find great starter projects here.



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I need first person, I can easily make the first person character sprint and jump, however, I don’t know how to make them crouch.

@GhostieeKoto There are a bunch of the same questions here on the forum. Here is one answer to your question. Please try a forum search so you can get the answers much quicker.

The topic of this post is more related to help and support rather than Collaboration. If you want to have some forum guests join in the development of your game please post the follow type of information.

Otherwise if you can not find an answer to your question search the forum first and then decide if it is something to post to Help & Support. There are plenty of members to help you answer your questions.