How do you make a leaderboard?

So I am in a bit of a pickle…
I have been searching and scrolling and looking all over both the forums and google for 2 hours for an explanation or walk-through for making a leaderboard. I am not the most experienced coder…
I don’t understand node or WebSockets or adding google play services with external scripts or any of that stuff.

What I want to and I am trying to do for my game is add a leaderboard that shows the top 10 players’ rounds survived and points scored. I have a kind of working ish login process but it could be better.

Could someone plz help me out by not just giving me a link to a website instead can you plz explain it to me or give me an example.

I might not be able to repond back right away because this is my school computer and Band is my next period.

Hey @Connor_Briggs,

Is this a real time leaderboard in a multiplayer game, or an all time leaderboard of high scores?

All time leaderboard I think becuase I want the leader board just to show the top ten players

What is the difference between the two.I feel like a idiot asking this question.

If you want an all time leaderboard, you are best off using some database solution like PouchDB or Firebase, both of which have excellent documentation. This is ideally used when you want your game to show top scores across a long term period. Multiplayer leaderboards are obviously to be used with some sort of multiplayer framework and/or solution; I have written a detailed guide on using Photon multiplayer with PlayCanvas here. This is ideally used if you want a new leaderboard showing top scores every game session.

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Thanks I’ll check that out

Ok I am back…
I am interested in
The problem is well…
I am coding all of this from my school computer and it won’t let me use firebase, and what I need to do to use the pouch isn’t working. (the link you need to launch pouch will not work)
So I went to photon but my game isn’t multiplayer…
I read the guide and kind of understand how it works but it is no use if I can’t do anything with it.
Help plz…

Can someone plz give me an example…
I am so confused


What do you mean by ‘the link you need to launch pouch will not work’? What exactly is not working? You will have to set up your own instance of PouchDB. Here is the quick start guide - Setting up PouchDB.

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this link won’t work for me

sorry that I am late at replying…

That link will only work when you have a local server running on your machine. It is called localhost. I suggest you study how to deploy a server using JavaScript tools like npm and NodeJS. Keep in mind, localhost will only suffice for development use, for an actual production use case, you would want to host the server online. is great for that.


I’ll look into that.

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I am back.
Sorry to bug you but my parents don’t want me paying any money of any online storages.
By any chance do you know one the is free?

@Connor_Briggs AWS has a free tier


maybe you could try googling it?


Hi @Connor_Briggs

I am not sure it will help you or not but I am sharing those website link which help earlier to create and host server temporary for free…

000webhost :

Infinityfree :

I hope it will help! :slightly_smiling_face: