Photon Multiplayer Guide & Starter Kit

Hi everyone,

Since multiplayer can often be a complex topic to approach and implement, with various different frameworks available and not too many public projects/starter kits to study and/or fork, I thought it would be a good idea to develop a small and very basic multiplayer starter project which PlayCanvas users can use as a basis for all kinds of multiplayer projects. Please do go through the short guide below before forking the project if you do not have prior experience with Photon/multiplayer frameworks.

The Framework

The starter kit uses the fantastic Photon for PlayCanvas plugin developed by @Ryotaro.TSUDA. All the files required are already included in the project. Photon makes developing real-time multiplayer very easy while also keeping quality and speed high, leading to a smooth experience for players. For ease of development, the starter kit uses Photon real-time Cloud, though the project is fully capable of supporting Photon Server if required. On the free plan, up to 20 users are supported; the paid plans will increase this user limit.

The Project

The starter kit is a very basic project loosely based on the concept of the official PlayCanvas real-time multiplayer tutorial, where users can move around as capsules around a defined space. To integrate your own Photon Cloud into the application, you must first navigate to “Root” in the hierarchy, and add your app details accordingly. Here, only the AppID, app version(ensure it is always 1.0), and region spaces must be filled, and others left blank. Please note that the free version of Photon only supports up to 20 users, and any more will require a paid subscription to their services. The “Manager” entity contains the script manager.js, which handles the creation of multiplayer entities in the game/app. Please study this script carefully as it will serve as the basis for a multiplayer project using Photon. To understand how to transmit data from one player to the others, such as position, please study the file transmit.js, and to understand how to receive this transmitted data, please study the file receive.js. Further examples can be found in the official docs for the Photon for PlayCanvas plugin.


I really hope that this guide helps those of you who want to create multiplayer games and/or apps in PlayCanvas. Please find the starter kit project here. Good luck!



I’m a total noob when it comes to networking but did some research because I want to create a multiplayer client-server architecture in playcanvas.

I have a few questions because I am trying to understand.

Does photon support authoritative server?

Is there any drawbacks with a cloud-based server? because I remember reading somewhere in the unity forums that cloud-based systems impact ping because there is a large amount of messages going in and out.

Nevertheless this project is very useful for me and I will study the concepts. Thanks a lot for sharing this!

Hey @nasjarta,

I’m really glad that you find the project and guide helpful! Photon does support Photon server integration, the details of which can be used instead of Photon cloud in the app.js file in the starter kit. You can read more about the differences between the two here.

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