Edge of model flickering in immersive VR

Hi there,
I’ve created a VR project. When i see a certain model in immersive mode in VR, I see the edges are flickering (the edge shows dotted lines).

As you can see on the edges of the glass frame. There are dotted lines showing up.
How can i fix this?
Thanks in advance.

Do you see the dotted lines not in VR mode?

No, in occulus browser, these lines do not occur. Only in VR mode it appears like that.

If you took out the model and put it in a fresh VR project, does it still happen?

Really not sure what that could be :thinking:

Could it be material or texture releated?

@yaustar, it is coming in non VR mode also in certain angles.

Is it possible to create and share a new project with just the model that shows the issue? That will make it easier for someone to take a look :slight_smile:

Can you check this project , we upload that model into a public project & we did not get the same issue

I can’t reproduce the issue outside VR on my local machine

It might be related to the transparency or the cubemap map? Try removing the cubemap to see if it still happens otherwise there could be a rendering issue with transparency in VR rendering only?

@yaustar, we cannot reproduce the issue in public project. But we can see that in our project. Also we tried removing the cubemap , but still issue persists

Interesting. So it’s just the model/materials that is causing the issue :thinking:

Are you using any post effect etc?

Normally at this stage, I make a fork/branch of the project and start removing deleting stuff until the issue goes away to narrow down the cause.

hi @yaustar, that seems like an exhaustive one since we have many models in our scene. Is there any other approach to resolve this issue?

It’s what I normally do and would do if I was looking at repro and have done in the past with other projects.

I tend to do a binary chop method. Delete half the entities, does the issue go away? If so, the problem is in the half of the Entities that were deleted. Undo, delete half of the previous half. Repeat.

Also, I would do this in a branch or a fork. of the project.

Using this method, it usually doesn’t take too long to get to a subset/repro case.

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Hi @yaustar,
As we checked that one of the main reason for the dotted lines is post effect , we added bloom effect in our scene. So how can we overcome this issue with bloom effect is in place in our scene.
Here is the test project for your reference , check the issue by toggling the bloom effect to camera

@mvaligursky Any suggestions?

Many thanks for the repro project, that really helps. It looks specific to the browser on the Quest as it can be seen in non VR and is related to the fill colour of the camera

Created ticket for this: https://github.com/playcanvas/engine/issues/3876

I’m not sure when we will be able to have a look at this issue as it’s rare for an app to use post processing in a Quest VR app due to performance concerns :frowning:

For now, the best workaround I can think of is to change the camera clear colour to something that is less noticeable unfortunately.

I do wonder if you can get away with using the an inverted sphere for the skybox :thinking:

Another possible workaround is to use an inverted sphere as a skybox, eg https://playcanvas.com/editor/scene/1305751

The downside is that the skybox is also affected by bloom

Thanks for the reply , we will try that workaround. We are facing another issue is like , if we moved away from any object , that particular model is getting blurred & appearing as objects are glittering , this is happening same with text elements as well , they are getting blurred while moving away from them.
Are these issues related to camera clear color or any suggestions to solve this issue?

Would you be able to provide a video of the issue please? Wondering if its the same issue?

Here i am providing you the repro project. If you observe the division frame model edges are glittering or flickering in the view.