What's the best way to copy assets between projects now?

So I’ve got a couple of non-script assets I wanted to copy into another project - can’t quite work out the workflow now. I can’t upload the downloaded ZIP and it seems to contain a lot of stuff.

What sort of assets in particular? Textures, etc?

Hey Dave - long time : )

Wanted to grab a couple of platforms that I wanted to use. They are coming down in the .json format but there’s tons of stuff in the ZIP.


You can’t import models in their runtime format (json). You need to upload them as source FBX files. Is this project downloaded for hosting? Or exported as a backup? If it’s exported you should find the source assets there too. If it’s a download for hosting you’ll need to get the source from the project.

You can right-click and download assets from the editor.

Got it! Thanks for the info - makes sense now!