Share Materials between projects

Hi, this seems quite a simple and useful task in our production line but I wasn’t able to find the right solution so far.

Every time we start a project we import all fbx assets and create the materials on the PlayCanvas editor. Given the same material is often used on multiple projects, is there a way to avoid recreating it every time and save the parameters somehow? Can I download it and then export it on another project? Can I save it on a repo and download it live?

I’ve read “What’s the best way to copy assets between projects now?” but I probably missed something in the answer.

Thanks! Loved PlayCanvas so far!


It’s not currently possible to copy assets between projects. We do have mechanisms in place that will allow something like this in the future but I have no ETA for you yet.

What you could do is write a little script that will set up your materials automatically and run it in the browser’s console while you’re in the Editor. Here are some methods that could help:

var material ='assets:get', id) // returns an asset by id
material.set('data.diffuse', [1, 1, 0]) // set diffuse color to yellow
material.set('data.diffuseMap', 3522) // set diffuse map to asset with id 3522

To see all the data that you can set for a material you could do


You can see all methods you can call from the editor if you inspect editor._hooks in the console.

Hope this helps

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Do we have this feature now?

Seconded, could really use something like this! Asset copying between projects would be great

Is this still something impossible to do?

A 3D artist prepared some scenes in Project A that we need to integrate into Project B, and so far I could not find any easy solution to this other than manually downloading every single .fbx file, editing every single material (because these can’t be downloaded) and recreating the scene myself.