Visual Studio Code Extension for PlayCanvas

We’re excited to announce the availability of the new Visual Studio Code Extension for PlayCanvas.

All the power of VS Code together with the power of the PlayCanvas Editor! :muscle:

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I’m trying this for the first time today. Is VSCode search supposed to work across all script files in the PlayCanvas project? Currently, it only seems to be working on open files.

For example, I have a script named Materials.js. I’m able to edit the script and find the ‘material’ keyword if I search for it:

However, after I close Materials.js, no results are returned:

VSCode’s little blue search progress indictator is moving left to right like it’s trying to execute the search, but it never returns any results. VSCode isn’t showing any error in the output window.


Thanks for testing. Yes, we’re aware of this existing limitation, and will see what can be done here as this is certainly a must have feature.

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@yak32 We should have a note about this on the User Manual page covering the extension, IMHO.

When adding a new script in the web editor it doesn’t automatically show up in VSCode. Is it supposed to?

And doing the “Playcanvas: Pull Latest” gives me:

Command 'PlayCanvas: Pull Latest' resulted in an error
Cannot read properties of undefined (reading 'path')


thanks for reporting this - do you have v0.1.5 of the extension? Any special steps to reproduce? To sync a project in VS Code, you need to pull latest, yes (at least for now)

@yak32 yes this is v0.1.5 installed from within VSCode. Here is a video to show what happens, I basically just add a project and do pull right away:

I have the latest vscode. I’m on the latest MacOS.
Other extensions I have enabled: Github Copilot, Go, HashiCorp Terraform, Cucumber (Gherkin) Full Support, Docker, Github Copilot Chat, Live Share, Playwrite Test for VSCode, Polacode.

ok, I see what’s happening … building a fix


meanwhile you can right click on the project in the explorer view and select “Pull Latest…” from there

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