Using Editor with external git repository

Is there an easy way to use the PlayCanvas Editor while, at the same time, being able to use git for version control?

PlayCanvas version control is cool, but I would feel more comfortable with git, where I can have my local repo, keep my files locally and know that if someone else is working on the same branch as me we are both doing that in our own local repositories in a safer way not to step over each other’s work. Also, having a new checkpoint done every time I want to go back to a previous commit and return to the current one is a little annoying since it makes the commit list dirtier and harder to understand.

Hi @mariogarranz,

Right now there isn’t a way to automatically sync your local codebase with an editor instance.

We’ve built a Chrome extension that can do that, and it is working mostly ok (it’s in beta):

Just note as of yesterday (9th March) there was a new security release on Chrome that required an update on our Chrome extension, which is currently in review by Google. If it’s not working for you right now, wait for the new version to be released (1.0.3).

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Hi Leonidas.

Thanks for your update. I was aware of this tool, you already mentioned it somewhere else, but as far as I did read it only updates JS files, not any other assets, right?

Gotcha, you would like to version control your project fully, both code and other types of assets.

Yes right now Poseidon will work only with .js files, though it’s a relative easy change to support more or even all extensions. With large files some kind of sync updater should run to avoid blocking the browser or wasting Playcanvas server resources, but it may be doable.

I will add it to our ToDo list.

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Thanks a lot, that is very helpful.

I am working on an Instant Game, so I need to add the Facebook API integration on top of the game.

My workflow can’t be fully integrated with the editor, or else it won’t work there.

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