Undo broke the scene completely

I was modifying some elements and testing to see if converting them to a sprite component would be better or not for the game I was creating. Than when I held Ctrl + Z to go back to my original state it started giving me this error. Unable to delete the offending entities in the scene and the game cannot run without deleting those entities.

Its in a project I cannot share but the image contains the error messages I have been getting.

Error message on load of editor:

Error message of when I try deleting the entity.

Fortunately I didn’t lose much progress on this since it was all saved to a template at the time. But could not salvage that scene.

Unfortunately, thisis due to a known bug that has since been fixed but has left some scenes that had duplicated template instances corrupted where the editor thinks they are templates but really they are just plain entity instances.

To fix the issue above, please read this thread Cannot find child entity of parent "Root" - Editor error, can't delete entities

We are due to release a migration tool next week to detect scenes that have these broken template instances and migrate them to a stable state.

I am also happy to give you early access to the migration tool as well. I just need your PlayCanvas username

Thanks. But I don’t actually need it. Like I said didn’t effect me to much. Just needed to recreate my UI build scene. Its already back and running. Just more of a report of a bug I didn’t know where to put. Thanks though.