UI not updating when uploading / deleting assets

I’ve been having an issue for weeks now where sometimes when uploading a new asset, creating a new script or folder, or deleting a current object from the assets panel, nothing seems to happen. It seems like the asset panel just isn’t refreshing. Sometimes everything works just fine, but lately it’s not refreshing. It doesn’t seem to make a difference with the type or size of files I’m working with, and seems to happen across all my projects. Even in new projects.

If I press F5 PlayCanvas will reload and the changes will be visible. This has been my workaround for now, but each time I press F5 it collapses my hierarchy and assets panel which means I have to re-open everything to get back to where I left off.

Is there a way to force the asset panel to refresh without reloading the entire page?

I’ve had the same thing for the last couple of days. Don’t know what changed but i had an image in my scene, and when i deleted the entity, it stayed there. i mean the entity was gone but the image was still in the scene. After a refresh of the page, it all updated.

Looks like this is a known issue with losing connection to the server.


It would be nice if there were a way to re-connect without having to refresh the browser and having all the hierarchies collapse.